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Iknow Im loosing my hearing anyways... BUt ..


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Like when I put my headphones on.. my left side is dull compared to the right. Which makes sense cuz when I play I listen with my left on my headphone.

But recently since February I noticed that when songs get a certain frequency I hear static in my ear. If you don't understand, best i can describe it is when you get water in your ear. Or play a blown tweeter thats what i hear in my left ear. Even when I lower the highs on the track i still hear it. Its very very very disturbing to me when it happens. I just got a new shippment of records and just learned that 3 out of the 15 tracks I bought do this to me.

What scares me is that one song i play that i don't know, may totally cuz me to be deaf in that ear....

Booked a doctors appointment on monday.. but im playing this friday

Where abouts can I get those ear plugs that are made to match your skin tone...... Djing is one of my career's and I don't want to loose my hearing over this...
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best thing to do is go see your doctor who should refer you to an ear doctor. he can help you get those ear plugs that are shaped specifically for your ear. they are very expensive apparently, but they are also effective because they won't tune out only *some* of the frequencies... they'll reduce *all* of them. i think. i ain't no expert, it's just what i've heard from musician friends.

they might be expensive but this is your hearing we're talking about. and obviously music is very important to you, since you're a dj.

hope it turns out okay.


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hopefully it's nothign serious!

I've noticed some damage to my hearing after all the years i've spent in loud nightclubs. i no longer crank my headphones when i play out.. or the monitors... i should also start wearing earplugs to be on the safe side... but i'm lazy

G-FrEsH said:
Where abouts can I get those ear plugs that are made to match your skin tone...... .

why does it matter if the earplus matches your skin tone?
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I was told that ear plugs simply filter out all the harmful frequencies. If you look closely and an ear plug's sound rating, it will tell you exactly how much each frequency is attenuated


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just so you aren't worrying the whole time you wait for a doctor's appointment...

Last year I was convinced I was losing the hearing in one of my ears because of similar symptons (static, ringing, asking people to repeat themselves) and it turned out to be an inner ear infection that was creating a suction on the eardrum. I was freaked out going in - it was to the point where I couldn't be in any loud rooms (even wearing earplugs hurt) and I couldn't be in a quiet room because of the ringing.

At the end of the day, some allergy tests turned up positive and a light prescription cleared everything up within a few weeks. Which is good, because the next step was to install "little tubes" which is supposedly pretty uncomfortable on adults.

le bricoleur

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DeepSix said:
And Soulster's right - they cut out all frequencies to a certain degree by volume (-25dB, -15dB, -9dB, etc.)

you can get some that can cut up to -50dB.
my friend has a pair of -30dBs and he swears by them!

i'll try to find you the link for the company he bought his from.


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I used a pair of disposals at New Years. Saved my ears big time.
I was also able to enjoy Jelo and Dumonde's set having not subjected my ears to a prior 5hours of sonic bludgeoning
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dj umlaut

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You might have something called hyperacusis - you can look it up on wikipedia or hyperacusis.net. Also, think about getting these:


They'll bring down the level you listen to over headphones (while mixing) to a much safer range. You could even put them on under big headphones so you still look cool.


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In regards to the expense, if you have benefits - they usually cover an allotted portion of the cost of custom earplugs. :)
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