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Iio at Guvernment this Saturday?


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There seems to be some confusion about Iio's performance at Guv....

Does anyone know for sure when Iio is coming to Guv? Electric Circus (hah!) had them listed as being there this Saturday, but I've also heard the 23rd, 28th, and 30th.

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Yeah, the full-page ad in Eye said "Saturday March 28", but according to my calendar the 28th is a Thursday???



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I read on the Guv message board that the ad in Eye is a mistake, and they're really going to be there on March 30th. Then someone mentioned they heard it was this Saturday, the 23rd, and it was never really cleared up.

I can't find anything concrete on the Guv site either.
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Iio will be performing at The Docks on Friday March 22nd, so I would assume Saturday March 23rd at the Guvernment makes the most sense.