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if you ride the rocket... (germophobes beware)


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ew ew ew fucking GROSS.
sorry if this has already been posted.

An alarming study that kind of makes you wonder...

During Autumn of 2000, a team of scientists at the Department of
Forensics at University of Toronto removed a row of passenger seats from
the Bloor Line subway car for analysis into cleanliness. Despite TTC's
claim that the interior of their trains are cleaned on a regular basis, the
scientists made some alarming discoveries. The analysis was broken down.
This is what was found on the surface of the seats:
- 4 types of hair sample (human, mouse, rat, dog)
- 7 types of insect (mostly fleas, mostly alive)
- vomit originating from at least 9 separate people
- human urine originating from at least 4 separate people
- human excrement
- rodent excrement
- human semen

When the seats were taken apart, they found:
- the remains of 6 mice
- the remains of 2 large rats
- 1 previously unheard of fungus

It is estimated that by holding one of the arm-rests, you are transferring,
to your body, the natural oils and sweat from as many as 400 different
people. It is estimated that it is generally healthier to smoke five
cigarettes a day than to travel for one hour a day on the TTC. It is far
more hygienic to wipe your hand on the inside of a recently flushed toilet
bowl before eating, than to wipe your hand on a TTC seat before eating.
It is estimated that, within Toronto, more work sick-days are taken because
of bugs picked up whilst travelling on the TTC than for any other reason
(including alcohol).

as if i need one more thing to make me paranoid about germs and bacteria. fuck.


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sunny posted this here about a month ago

and the conclusion was that it is shite.

if there were dead mice and rats in the seats woudlnt they stink!?

besides, its being passed throughout new york with their name in place of toronto...as in any other city with a metro.

so you can relax, and cancel that order on the full body condom

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Anyways, who really cares? Rats? Mice? Fly's? It really is a part of the normal food supply (as an axample). Get over it... as Canadians's we are all allocated a certain amount of maggots per steak... even at the Keg (or better...) That is life.
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