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if you had to choose


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between seeing Spettro
and seeing Garth

which would you go for?

i'm looking for more uppity house
and not old-man lounge house
after old-man lounge house...
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I have never seen either of them before but I'd go for Garth.

You should probably go see Spettro if you're looking for uppity.

Never seen either of them but what I've heard of Spettro was bumpy and uppity. Garth is more laid back west coast but my gut is telling me he'd be really dope to see.

I used to have Garth's cd and I enjoyed it, then lost it.


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Spettro it is.

i just DL'd a set from Garth's ... way too laid back ...
the kind of house i'll listen to when my knees go
out and arthritis kicks in....

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Spettro is sick but more of a nuschool house DJ, repping the Texas sound. I'd see Garth though, he's a legend with a vault of experience who can program a set like no one else.


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i've seen sneak several times already...
he's never impressed me...

hodges, however, schools me everytime.

Silver Robot,

I actually posted this in a couple other message
boards... and everyone said that Garth is rather
deep.... and I'm in no mood for deep... i may
regret it, but i need to dance... and i just can't
dance to deep house.... (well, not ULTRA deep
house, at least)

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Bloom! Productions

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Originally posted by physix
and i just can't dance to deep house....

just because a dj puts a mix together of "deep house" doesn't mean that he/she will only drop deep stuff in a party/club setting. i know that when i put a mix together, it's deep and it's "mellow" but when i get to the club - i try my best to rock the floor!

i've never heard spettro or garth "live" so go with your instincts.



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iu'll check my records but i think the Garth set was a live set, not a "i'm at home" mix... i'll check for you (and you, too, robot)


Garth's record selections(early influences, records that never leave the box, etc.) are listed in the current issue of I-DJ(and i'm somwhere in that issue too - yay!).

that might give you some indication of his tastes.

i'm pretty sure he did the last installment of the san francisco sessions series, and if its the one i'm thinking of, was much more eclectic, dark, and varied than the others in the series.

anyway, garth's been around a long time. suffice to say he knows how to rock the floor.

but everything i've heard from spettro has been good too.
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well, i was actually able to attend both shows.

The Spettro show was open until 4am and
the Garth show was open until 2am

Garth = yawn!

i never heard so much rhodes keys, atmospheric
pads, and old man geriatric house in my whole life...

an hour into his 2-hr set and we booked it over
to the Spettro show... he was fun... really into his
set... funky house... electro... some break-y-ish type
house... old DBX-styled techno....

it was nice.

it was outdoors under a tarp and it was raining

but it was nice!