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if u have the stomach, tell me if this is funny, or just extremely perverted.


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before you go calling me sick... imagine that you're a baby, in the womb, and you're bored. and/or, if you're a guy, imagine that there's some kind of machine inside your gf's vagina that squeezes or holds the tip of your dick while you're screwing her. now while you're thinking about that.. picture this.

okay. baby is in the womb. baby is bored. parents are fucking. baby thinks 'aha! an oppurtunity for a good laugh.'
baby starts putting its hand over the tip as the parents are screwing.
baby gets a laugh. parents get a shock. good/bad/funny/evil?
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Originally posted by Deus
Reminds me of the baby jokes we used to tell each other in grade school.

How do you make a dead baby float?

Cup of milk, two scoops of ice cream, and one dead baby.


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... this is my second time back. It's been a few minutes... and I just wanted to make sure that I read it correctly.

... has anyone figured it out ?

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actually the way things are set up the baby cannot reach the penis whne its fucking the mom, so it has to sit there in saline fluid and take that pounding

where do you think dimples come from!? :)



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"Then I was like, I kinda like fucking this baby!"


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Originally posted by janiecakes
i went to a raptors game today and they had a baby race on the court!

haha, and I'll bet you cheered louder for that than anything during the game
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