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If I was Bjorn the owner of IKEA, I'd...


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...come up with better, more appropriate names for their products.

Yes, using Swedish place names is cute and sometimes ironic (the "Hott" kettle, for instance...) but I think their success in North America would permit them a few more imaginative names...

So here's the challenge. Come up with names for IKEA stuff, real or imaginary.

The "POTATTO" couch
The "WATCHIT" television stand
The "PORNO" under-bed magazine concealment system.

...let the pigeons loose, people!
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I don't have a witty name for an Ikea thingy, but I can't come tonight... I have to look at a house
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cher: for the whole night? Come on! It's Temptation Island night! Geez.

DISGRÜNTLEN - an IKEA-blue stress ball

INTELINSIDER - a computer stand

SYSTMSÜNDBAR - a coke mirror
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