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if i get rid of these, then i can buy Kodos' stuff...

Discussion in 'Trance Room' started by voytek, Mar 27, 2002.

  1. voytek

    voytek TRIBE Member

    Ricky LeRoy - All the Way Up - Nucleuz Green
    Madely - Inflex - Bosca Beats (circa '98)
    DJ Session One - Dreams in My Fantasy - Blutonium (Hard German)
    First Light - Pink/Loops - Studio 4 (Acidy Trance)
    Gold N' Delicious - Listen/Cherion - Klub 18:30
    Pete Gawtry - Follow Me (M-Zone rmx) - Triple XXX
    M-Zone - Symfmymf - uk44
    - white
    - Alatrak 2000
    Daydreamer - Daydreamer - Modem (German Epic)
    Dos Deviants - Elevate - Waqt (Epic with breaks)
    Strings of Harmony - parts 1 and 2 - Rampage (Epic classic)
    k90 - Into the future - Bitch (Hard Epic)
    Out of Grace - Anglia - Zounds (Hard Epic)
    Workshop - Floating (endymion rmx) - Above the Sky (Hard Epic)
    Sharkey - Product of Society (Smitten rmx) - React (acid)
    The Darkman - Mad Gay Mafia - VCF (acid)

    $100 for the lot and i'll throw in 2 white labels form some local producers as well... e- mail me... delivery available within GTA, if you throw me a fiver for gas ;)...
  2. xtcfreak

    xtcfreak TRIBE Member

    i'm interested..
    drop me some mail..

    veezee at rogers.com
  3. dj bombtrack

    dj bombtrack TRIBE Member

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