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Idiotic Music Question


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So... which are better? VSTs or AUs?

Of most of the audio plugins I have, I seem to have both types here, duplicated in their appropriate audio folders...

I'd like to *delete* one type here, in order to conserve hard-drive memory space...

Ableton Live reads both types, so if one type goes, no problemo really....

So, is there any real quality difference between AudioUnits and VST's...

Your 2-cents please, DJs....

PS: I also have several plugs in RTAS format, but since I don't own Protools, well, that's just a vanity fix, really.


(btw, I really do want some answers to this question. I mean, what's the diff., really, between AUs and VST's.... Please. Extrapolate.)
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found a thread on a mac board about this..
has a pretty detailed explanation of "Why is AU better than VST?"

found in another board: "the sound quality of an AU is not superior to a VST effect or instrument. Both generally use 32-bit floating processing internally." so there shouldn't be any noticable quality difference.

i've been using VST for a while, never really bothered finding out about the others.. that said I'll probably give the AU version a go


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wow^^^now THAT thread's some geek language.

Whatever. The message, as per that guy, is clear. VSTs, you SUCK!!!

Not that I personally have ever pushed mine to such extreme limits as to encounter all those geek complications as that guy described. So, I still like my VSTs. Very very much.

Still, duplicate VSTs, you heard the man, you're outta here!

PS: Thanx for that:)