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iDance 2001

Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by joey, Sep 3, 2001.

  1. joey

    joey TRIBE Member

    What a long day!!

    All in all I think it ran pretty smoothly, and it seemed as though most people enjoyed themselves.

    I was alittle disapointed in the music, I thought that since the djs only played half hour sets and it was a BIG event they would of layed down some bigger tracks, but it was still fun.

    The highlight for me is at the end of the night when they asked for people to help out with the garbage. Pretty much everyone had handfulls of garbage it the whole place was cleaned up fast.
  2. jynx

    jynx TRIBE Member

    All in all....it was fun.....

    Andy C's set was too short but it sounded wikkid...the set's should've been longer. But I guess the whole party had to end by 11.

    The disco ball hanging from the crane was sweet...

    The waterbooth was crazy at the end of the night...could barely keep up with the demand for water.

    It was a fun night...good crowd...good vibes..lot's of fun..
    I give it a 4 out of 5.. [​IMG]
  3. TuRtL[-

    TuRtL[- TRIBE Member

    I am so sick of seeing kids pulled away on strechers!!!!
    I was standing next to this chick all nite who could barely stand up ... her boyfriend had to hold her half of the time and her eyes were rolling back in her head. I wanted to choke her. This event was organized a year ago to send out a message, that it is ALL ABOUT THE MUSIC goddamit!!!!!
    These kids wouldn't know the difference between trance and jungle unless it was engraved into a pill. I know that this is a review forum, but hear me out. This is why we are a dying breed and our scene is so messed up.

    iDAnce was great.... the vibe was amazing. It was wikkid to see so many people in support
  4. outofcontrol

    outofcontrol TRIBE Member

    well I had a fantastic time. I didn't get there till 7 but all the djs' had me going..
    I do have to agree about some of the messed up kids though.. I was standing right in front the big Tribe banner the whole time and there were about 6 kids done up good on something right wheer I was.. I was actually really suprised peaple would actually do drugs at an event like this.. oh well.. just naive I guess...
    But all the djs' were very impressive anyway... I've never heard any of the djs there before so it was a treat for me....I enjoyed all sets that i saw.

    Saw lots of tribers so that was nice.. sounded geat...
    Did anyone find a lack of audience participation when it came to cheering? Thought that was a bit strange...
    Oh well...I'm very glad I didn't miss this..

    Great job to everyone that was involved


  5. Gunark

    Gunark TRIBE Member

    Not as good as last year.

    And they cut dave clarke off, which kind of sucked.

    That is all.

  6. Saber

    Saber TRIBE Member

    yeah who else expects to hear on the news that a kid died overdosing on E at idance.

    can't they wait for the afterparty?

    just a rumour I guess until I read the papers, when was it last, July, 16-year old boy?

    whatever, maybe it's too easy to OD on E and that's the whole problem.

    Idance was a great event and I sincerely hope that it keeps happening. Freaky Flow and Vitamin D were my fav. I lucked out with the awesome jungle sets vs hardcore / tech-house / trance set times.

    jungle wins by majority.

    I decided to wear a construction hat since I did last year. great party all in all, i wish we could use nathan phillips square more often as a venue. I came in from montreal just for this event and a few after parties too. Cream up there is a great festival but the 4 mainstream clubs Sona, Stereo, Aria, Ilume get tired.
  7. KiX

    KiX TRIBE Member

    How are you surprised?? The number of people who rave solely for purposes other than to have a fun place to do their drugs is actually quite low. When you've got THOUSANDS of people in one place, you're gunna end up with a LOT of people who see this is as nothing but a free party, thus more money to spend on drugs.

    The fact that this iDance wasn't really in protest of anything...nothing SPECIFIC anyways only meant that the anti-drug theme would have been addressed less.

    Sad, but true. Face it, it's impossible to throw a party of those proportions claiming raving and partying is an entirely innocent act. And the sad way that it works is that a few people ruin it. Will the media focus on the thousands of sober people having an increcible time dancing and partying? No. The few that od'd will ruin it all.

  8. Cheer Bear

    Cheer Bear TRIBE Member

    Awesome party. Great music, Great people, good times.

    Walking by the public washrooms though...Oh man "Want some jib?" "Need some crystal?"

    heheeehhe Toby: "If I say I need jib, I'll get SWARMED."

    silly thugs. [​IMG]
  9. SE7EN

    SE7EN TRIBE Member

    what were the numbers like? I heard 1/8th the size of last year? is that accurate? someone set me straight.....it just can't be.

  10. janiecakes

    janiecakes TRIBE Member

    according to the star and the sun, the numbers are roughly 30,000 people throughout the day.

    last year there were 15,000.

    it felt like there were less people this year, but definitely not 1/8 the size of last year's crowd.
  11. AVE

    AVE TRIBE Member

    It definitely wasn't as LOUD as last year, and no I don't think that at any given time there were more people than last year either.......noone was aloud on that skywalk thing taht goes around the edge of the square...the crowd really weren't up for it like last year, but it was OK

    Andy C only played 6 fuckin records though.....I waited six hours to see him and all I get are 6 records....that I'd all heard before....that was the main disappointment for me, but oh well
  12. AVE

    AVE TRIBE Member

  13. Shockwave

    Shockwave TRIBE Member

    The fact that this iDance wasn't really in protest of anything...nothing SPECIFIC anyways

    I have to disagree....have you read Alex D's editorial in the new Tribe? Have you been to a party in the last year that was shut down early by an overaggressive police force?? Id say that this was exactly what iDance was in protest of.
  14. f-prime

    f-prime TRIBE Member

    i thought the party was great
    the music was insane all day (except Dave the Drummer....waaaaaaaay too tweaky for my taste)
    Czech smoked!!!!
    Robert De La Gauthier was amazing
    those two sets stood out more than anything else
    now my legs hurt
  15. echootje

    echootje TRIBE Member

    Marshals inna house biggup!

    Volunteering was fun, and frustrating all at once. Our job was to keep the peace by making sure that people stayed hydrated, informed ("You and the Police" flyers), and out of trouble, or, at least, out of sight.

    Unfortunately the disrespect I got because I suggested that "Please smoke that elsewhere, there's lots of media here, and plenty of undercover police." was really frustrating and made me angry at times.

    There were a few gratifying moments, when I was asked to direct people to the Food Bank Donation Centre by people who obviously 'got it'. Or when a the end of the night two girls from Pittsburgh told me how they enjoyed the show and the cause immensely and they seemed serious when they said they'd like to recreate iDANCE for thier city under seige by the anti-party interests.

    All in all I had a great time, the music was part of it but it was totally the fellow Marshals (one "L" - no that's not a spelling error [​IMG] ) made the whole thing really cool. 3 cheers for team 2; Dan, Matt, and the ever-cool Svet. Biggups to the whole volunteer water crew, Marshals, and to the surprisingly cool Security team, Alex D, Will Chang + organisers. And to the Police, who, apparently, let us pull this thing off without any thuggery, and on our own. Grassroots works!!


    Rob [​IMG]
  16. echootje

    echootje TRIBE Member

    ^^^^ I gotta add something...

    I think it was Robert De La Gauthier who played some tracks vocoder heavy songs.

    "This revolution will not be televised" was one line in one of them. Any ideas who/what that remix was?

    There was another one.. fuck I wish I could remember it... a really popular song that was totally warped cos of the vocoder, anybody know??

  17. Gunark

    Gunark TRIBE Member

    This is very true. As much as we'd love to deny it, a lot of the mainstream media crap concerning the rave scene is true.

    The fact is, most people at parties ARE on drugs. The rave scene's dark side is a lot bigger than most responsible partiers would like to believe.

    It sucks that these people have to ruin it for everyone else. The problem is, "everyone else" is in the minority.

  18. kul-kat

    kul-kat TRIBE Member

    some fun was had at this years idance, but the vibe was definitely not as good as last year. i remember there being more people, and a crowd that was more into the music. however, this could simply be due to the different vantage point i got. as echootje already mentioned, asking people to put out their bud was not a fun job [​IMG] i am glad i got to contribute a little, and it was nice to meet my first few tbk-ers, however, next year i think i'ii stick to the water tent. in there, you're a nice guy giving water; out on the floor, you're the evil nark.

    i did feel bad at the end though ... it was tough. my friends were asking "do you HAVE to stay," and idance was saying "well go, if you HAVE to go. i had to compromise -- ask my friends to wait a little, and leave a little early. sorry to those i bailed on.
  19. Radioactiveslug

    Radioactiveslug TRIBE Member

    Hey hey guys!
    Its me, yah Dave! :p
    Well yah i woked on the water shift from 5:30 >> 11:30 !
    So it was a BLAST!!!!

    Not as many people showed up as last years, but still i heard many great things!!
    My personal song i heard their was the Uncle fuker song! >
    hehe The bass!
    ooo... Hard to keep the water on the table!
    Well we ran out of cups ( Maybe we shulda told em to keep em ) hehe
    Wow!! I will never forget that rave!
    From what i heard, out of all the iDances' ( last year ) was that that was the only accident, that someone O.D.'d and blacked out, i rember a marshall runniing up to me caying WE NEED A MEDIC!
    im like AHH! St.Johns ambulance!
    then i go to actuon , and helpwed out , by tell ppl to go get help... yep yep :: dusts off hands:: my good douty , of , hard work tellin someone to rely the msg... pitiful...isnt it?
    Well yah! I want that speaker system in my room >

    Well Yah I wanna know what you thaught of iDance!
    Hope to see you all next year! I know their will be ! ( ( atleast if their isnt i will make one )) lol :p
    Well Yah , i just got off the bus, , and im DEAD BEAT!
    Well Just incase u dont know me ' I was the one with the blue hair ' and eyebrow peirceing' runnin around with water, and flyers n stickers!
    " Im the official flyer man "
    lol btw... i have all the flyers that were being givin out, here :p

    If anyone knows the uncle fuker song, yah , iwanna download it, that song is amazeing with bass!!!!!!!!!

    Oh. ...btw..... Me and couple other ppl thinking that they turned up the sound when the night came in , and then when alex was talkin' they turned it down , and no...NO one in the back could hear him!
    it was echoing everywhere from the buildings and coulnt make out a word at times!!!: (
    Well yah!!!
    im all in acheing bones etc....
    I just hope that the girl who O.D'ed at iDance wont jeporidse the next iDance...

    Remember iDance is for no drugs, i was REALLY DISSPOINTED !!
    No really guys i smoke bud yah wow, who dosent :: cough:: Well , no the fog machine was NOT on... and ALL you could smell for miles is bud! bud bud bud, here i am in the water booth craveing for it... oh god...
    and i think everyone got a buz or so
    all u see is the smoke everywhere, i'd hate to see iDance in-doors..... ouch....

    Well Thx alot alex, yer the shizit! and iDance went perfect over and all!
    Thanks to all the spouncers etc!
    I also think we all need to round up togeather who worked and make a big card and give it to alex :p or the sponcers !
    opps i said the quiet thing out loud and the loud thing quiet....
    damn... . DOH!
    Well yah! im off to bed, Hope u guys had fun at the after party's!
    Well if u have icq, add me 1772200

    -- This msg is taken from another thread that might be closed down -- Sorray! :p
    heheh [​IMG]
  20. feisty boy

    feisty boy TRIBE Member

    yes, yes, and yes.
  21. BreakzBroad

    BreakzBroad TRIBE Member

    A fun time was had! Missed all the breakz which sukked, but that's okay. The beer cafe was definatley my spot for the night. [​IMG]

  22. Libradragon

    Libradragon TRIBE Promoter

    last year idance was held from 5-10. Five hours.

    this year it was from 1-11. people kept coming and going - so it looked like it was emptier than last year. I made 3 or 4 trips to and from idance to various destinations.

    i think by the end of the night, there were definitely more ppl this year than last.

    oh yeah, congratulations to the idance crew. [​IMG]
  23. Variant

    Variant TRIBE Member

    If most people at parties ARE on drugs and parties have been happening every weekend for about 7 years now I think our record looks pretty clean.

    I wouldn't come down so hard on the evil drug users. They are the ones that created and developed the scene you now enjoy.
  24. koz

    koz TRIBE Member

    Idance was excellent, and Andy C is a God. The man played a 20 min set but damn it was sick!!!!! I lost it when he played Casino Royale - Dj Zinc track [​IMG]. It was nice meeting a few people from this board, echo, kife and highsteppa. really enjoyed dj sneaks set, loved watching the b-boys and girl dancing to house. all in all a fun time, wish I could have caught the breaks though. oh and MC Flipside if you want to impress someone with your 'skill' firstly learn to freestyle. making words like hat, bat, cat rhyme is not hard please try harder next time and then feel free to big up yourself. All in all nice party, good vibes, nice weather and excellent venue [​IMG]. see you all next year.


    x-claime the name - declaime
  25. loopdokter

    loopdokter TRIBE Promoter

    That's bullshit! Having been 'around' a bit, I can honestly say the scene was created by a bunch of people who wanted to go out all night and dance to electronic music; NOT go out all night and do drugs.

    That sad truth is that this has been blurred somewhat over the years. There are more kids who go to parties for the drugs and the 'coolness' of it all. However, I still truly believe they're in the minority. The scene has grown so exponentially that it's IMPOSSIBLE not to get a few bad apples out of every basket. What we need to do is refocus the media attention to the good instead of the bad aspects.

    iDance was/is about protesting the reactionary tactics used by our politicians and their respective governments. Maybe they should have made that more clear this year than just turning it into another party for kids to go to and miss the point.

    Promoters have to basically pay extortionate prices for police to cover their events. The Toronto police said they adopted the Torotno Dance Safe Committee's criteria, but they warped it to their own liking. They effectively outlawed parties in the GTA by making the price of having police officers on the premesis and the number of them required so high, that it's pointless to throw parties because it doesn't make any financial sense to even bother. The nice catch is if you try to throw a party without paid TO officers present, they'll show up and bust your ass.

    There was a reason for this years iDance, but I feel as though that message wasn't conveyed very well.

    What people failed to realize is that the rave scene has been effectively killed in Toronto. How many raves have you seen in the last year held in the GTA? I can probably count them on my hands. The fact is, the bureaucracy is winning and 'we're' losing.

    Remember that for the next iDance so the message doesn't get polluted.

    Jay K.

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