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there's this one track i remember from a few years back,
havent heard anyone play it since then.

the track went "boom che, boom che, boom boom che chit chit"


..... ?

oh and also there was this vocal if i remember correctly:

"women beat their men, .....and men, beat on their tongs"

or something of the sort.
anyone? anyone?
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Seeing as how ths record is sitting to my left it's fairly easy to ID

Submission "Women beat their men" Velocity Productions


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and to clarify it was the "boom che, boom che, boom boom che chit chit"
that made me remember what it was ;)


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repressed a few years back on a single comp, prolly one of the dirtiest sounding attempts at clean production I have ever heard, true ghetto stylee!

BTW it's "men beat on their drums", a phrase ever so fitting since my gf would certainly beat me if I played my drums all night long ;)

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Destro Sanchez

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....OR maybe you're thinking of the original VOCAL sample (not the boom chica boom chica part)...

that would be Dominatrix- "Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight" off of Streetwise records (arthur bakers old label)

electrofunk at it's finest (and cheesiest) hour

it has an accapella that I like to ride over top of a record



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Nice, Destro - you'll have to play that for me sometime (or I'll just have to get off my ass and d/l of the 'Net). Believe it or not, in the near 20 years I've been playing, I've never heard the original, nor the Maurizio remake - though I will be hearing that one up-close and personal very soon...yessss, very soon....

Kazaa *dig dig*...*shuffle*...*got it*

will have to wait 'til morning..my bro's sleeping.

hey, remember Rhythm Device?

There was a time that rock-and-roll was easy...but now it's ACID ROCK (rock...rock...rock....)

oldskewl posse up. :)



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^^^Ian, you'll most likely remember Dominatrix once you here it. Classic old track - come out to Bovine tonite and i'll play it for ya. Eveyone's coming out tonite - Tina, Lydia, and a few other old friends.

maybe i'll break out Acid Rock also. ;)


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O.k., I SO know this song...this is like, highschool-era shit, what a flashback - there was sooo much good music back then (not that there isn't now). I don't think I've heard it *since* high school, which is why my memory of it was so foggy.

...shades of roadtrips to Montreal when I was 17 ('86). Two and a half hours drive from B-ville (add an hour by train), grab a half-decent hotel with a few friends and some beer and eats before heading out...getting past the doormen and into huge palaces like Metropolis (2,000 capacity wha'?), drinking and dancing my ASS off until we just couldn't take it anymore, which was usually around 5 in the morning. Pass out, wake up late, then go nurse the BANGING hangover at Peel Pub, long before it became a big tourist-y cliché.

I am SO getting that BACK again soon, JACK.

peace out,

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