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I'd like to request a moment of silence...


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...for my dear friend, I_CUM_BLOOD. Who I have recently learnt has been banished from this message board for ever.

I_CUM_BLOOD is gonna be the best man at my wedding and is the original internet smack talker. His posting is always prolific and beligerent. He can gross you out in less then three words and holds the internet world records for: fastest ban; longest run-on-filth-sentance; and most uses of the word skank in a single sentance.

In honour of this occasion, I would like you all to bow your heads and mutter the words "mustache rides, five cents", and remain siltent for one minute.
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d00d had a potty mouth.
i liked him.
you can't help but pay attention to someone named i_cum_blood.

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