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i'd like to introduce my son born last week


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Jacob Hunter....

Wednesday March 3rd, 2004
8lbs 9oz
20.5 inches long



me holding him for the first time....


mom seeing Jacob for the first time....


Such an amazing experience, I couldn't be more proud of life at this point.. even with very little sleep at night. :D
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congrats... i couldn't even imagine experiencing the moment of holding that creation in my arms for the first time.



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woah..... babies.

kudos to you, you're very brave.

beautiful baby.

it's all about me in my world, i'd be selfish if i had a baby. i wish i had a baby. but i won't.
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Congradulations on your little pisces baby boy!

8lbs 9ozs...wow, nice and healthy!

All the best to your new family.

*Maxine*:) :)


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congrads again dood!

looks like one of buffalo's best party promoters has a new generation to pawn happy hardcore onto..... ;)
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Congrats Keith... best of luck with the new one.

Keep him away from Ravers!

Especially dirty buffalo ones!
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