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does anyone know where i can download icq 99 or 2000?

i formatted my computer and i dont want to use 2001

thanks alot!!!!


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try using google or altavista or one of them and search for icq99b.exe or icq2000.exe - something like that and you'll be able to find it somewhere...


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The older versions of ICQ no longer work.

When you go to re-register with your existing ICQ it never goes through.

I think they're trying to phase out the older versions.

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Anyone find any tools to remove the little banners and advertising crap from 2001? There was a bunch available for 2000 and it was nice, but I haven't found anything for 2001 yet?


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I use 2000b.

I tried 2001 but I simply despised it and it completely messed up my contact list.

So go here and you should be able to get 2000b.

They recommend Win 95 users to use it because
a version of 2001 is not available.
I use Wim ME and it works fine.

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