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Iceland. This weekend.

Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by gasper, Mar 2, 2010.

  1. gasper

    gasper TRIBE Member

    If you had just 48h to spend in Iceland, what would you do? (looking for advice from anyone that's been there, on the MUST sees and dos). Thanks!
  2. acheron

    acheron TRIBE Member

    Go listen for the nightly Land Rover/Rolls Royce explosions. For bonus points challenge an Icelandic male to just about anything, no matter how retarded, and watch them do it, and while they're doing it, watch the bemused frustration in the eyes of the Icelandic females. Eat some lutefisk. Don't mention the economy.

    On a more serious note, track down Rebekka Gudleifsdottir, the #1 most viewed/favourited flickrmember and commission her to make you a sweater.

    Flickr: _rebekka's Photostream
  3. graham

    graham Well-Known TRIBEr

    Reykjavik kicks ass

    You'll likely take one of the glacier/nature/golden ring tours, err on the side of the more expensive options because they're better. I guess go see the blue lagoon, cuz they have it and it's blue

    and then spend the long ass night hopping the bars on the main strip laugevagur/bankestraeti/austurstraeti, it works itself out and is good times, you'll find cool bars. Also a lot of good restaurants on/just off that street

    My only real advice is to get a good hotel, because if it rains sideways at you for 48 hours you'll want to be comfortable

    listings The Reykjavik Grapevine - Life, Travel and Entertainment in Iceland / Home
  4. diablo

    diablo TRIBE Member

    Reyka vodka.
  5. kyfe

    kyfe TRIBE Member

    PM stanimal they went last year
  6. that 420 guy

    that 420 guy TRIBE Member

  7. graham

    graham Well-Known TRIBEr


    hoser in Iceland
  8. the wiz

    the wiz TRIBE Member

    I have not been there, but I used to study Icelandic, and I know some of their culinary "delights"----------try the putrid, stinking shark meat that they bury in the ground until it is sufficiently disturbing ( I believe it is called "Hakarl" ). They traditionally wash it down with a stiff swig of Akvavit.

    The Blue Lagoon is another obvious must-see spot to lounge-in. Get some of that mineral-rich goo all over your body, and let the healing begin.
  9. rejenerate

    rejenerate TRIBE Member

    I never saw hakarl while I was there...don't think it's really eaten regularly by Icelanders. I agree with doing a day trip out of Reykjavik, whether it's to go ice climbing, hiking, snorkelling, see the geysers/waterfalls. Enjoy some fresh lamb/whale/puffin for dinner and spend the night immersed in the crazy nightlife. Recover the next day at the Blue Lagoon. You really won't have much time to do anything else.
  10. Karim

    Karim TRIBE Member

    How are they doing economically anyway?
  11. atomic

    atomic TRIBE Member

    If I planned a trip to Iceland, I'd definitely make it during Iceland Airwaves.
  12. diablo

    diablo TRIBE Member

    That's in October, though...not exactly a balmy time in Iceland.
  13. moose-meat

    moose-meat TRIBE Member

    Mr. Tall nailed it with the link to the Reykjavik Grapevine. It is current and will tell you what you need to know. Great little Mexican restaurant there , I think its called Santa Maria. The Golden Circle tour is pretty much mandatory and hit the Blue Lagoon out near the airport on your way out.

    But most of all , try the strawberry or blackberry skyr !

    I loved Iceland and will get back there as soon as I can.
    Have fun.
  14. mmm

    mmm TRIBE Member

    I was there for 3 days about 4 years ago. It was twice as expensive as London--a small pasta salad cost me $20 cdn--and so I ended up eating wonder bread and cheese sandwiches for 3 days.

    The trip cost me a bit over $1000 (my flight there was only about $400), but it was definitely money well spent. Iceland is one of the coolest places you will ever visit in your life. You will see stuff that you can't believe exists on earth.

    I did 2 day-tours and rented a car on the third day. I basically asked the same question as you when I got to the tourist office in the city center.

    Definitely do the "Golden Circle tour." You see a geyser, a beautiful national park and an amazing waterfall. All very cool, and an awesome warm-up to more Icelandic nature awesomeness.


    The 2nd day, I went on a tour called Lanmannalaugar, which was recommended to me. It was pricier than the first tour, but definitely well worth it. They drive you through these crazy badlands in a jacked minivan, where you get tossed all around the van because the terrain is crazy. The places that they take you to are just amazing though. We also went to a really nice natural spring.

    Reykjavik Excursions - Details - Landmannalaugar & Saga Valley

    Day 3 I rented a car and planned to drive around all night, because I was there in the summer and the sun wasn't going down. I started off by going to the Blue Lagoon, which is kinda like a spa in a really cool massive natural spring. It's a nice place to chill for a couple of hours.

    Then I drove around with whatever time I had left. I drove north to see a glacier, and just going through the country like that was awesome.

    There's a HI Hostelling international, and I think it's the city's only hostel. It's a bit of a way out of the city center, but they have a shuttle that takes you downtown. Hotels there are pretty expensive, from what I remember. There actually wasn't space left in the hostel my first night, because they had the children's olympics going on. So I snuck in with a Canadian family I met on a tour and slept in the lounge. I had a bed the second night, and the third night, I slept in 20 minute naps in the car whenever I got tired.

    I didn't spend very much time at all in Reykjavik. It was home base, but I just did day trips out of the city. For their biggest city, it's really just a quiet fishing village. I was there during the week though, and there was absolutely nothing going on at night. Hopefully over the weekend, they've got a good night life.

    Icelandic people aren't the friendliest, but they're totally approachable, and really nice. And they seem to love Canadians. A lot of Icelandic people that I met had lived in Canada, and ended up moving back because their standard of living was so good in Iceland. So they'll like you.

    I don't know you, but i'm totally excited for you. Iceland is super dope. Have an awesome trip!

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