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ice t vs soulja boy

why not

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ice t apologising some more:

By Ismael AbduSalaam
This past week, the war of words between gangsta rap originator Ice-T and upstart MC Soulja Boy has sparked a firestorm of discussion on what is “acceptable” as Hip-Hop music.

After a mixtape intro hit the Internet of Ice-T disparaging Soulja Boy, the young MC retaliated with a youtube video denigrating Ice-T’s age and lack of respect for his career.

Ice responded in kind a few days ago with an apology for telling Soulja Boy to “eat a d*ck,” but maintained his stance.

Today in an exclusive interview with AllHipHop.com, Ice-T explained the origins of the “beef” and ended the volatile situation with his young peer.

“I’d like to clarify how all this s**t jumped off,” Ice-T explained. “I was in the recording booth doing a mixtape, and the cats in there doing the promotion were f*cking with me. They were saying things about ‘Soulja Boy this, Soulja Boy that’ and basically I went on one. It wasn’t meant to be evil, it was basically that Hip-Hop ‘n*gga f**k that’ stance.”

“I didn’t expect them to use that clip to promote their mixtape,” Ice-T reasoned. “So I’m in the crib and n*ggas is calling me talking about Soulja Boy is replying to you on the Internet. And I’m like ‘replying to what?’ So I see it and I’m like ‘man here we go.’ It was a statement made behind closed doors, not meant to be an attack on this n***a.

"I didn’t even know dude was 17 years-old,” Ice continues. “I felt bad. I know I came hard at the n***a, but at the end of the day that’s just an old school, passionate Hip-Hopper trying to keep this thing 100. I’m not trying to disrespect Collipark or even lil homie [Soulja Boy]. Of course I overreacted…it’s not meant to be harmful. Bottom line is I would like to see rappers of today step their game up.”

Many fans also pointed out that they felt Ice was being hypocritical by criticizing Soulja Boy, especially since he appeared in the video for Joe Ski Love’s “Pee Wee Herman,” a dance oriented 80’s track.

“That s**t was corny too,” Ice-T laughed. “So yeah I had to check myself. We had some dumb s**t that came out like ‘Inspector Gadget.’ So I have a corny strike on my resume. But now it seems like the game is being overtaken by less skillful Hip-Hop. And you notice Joe Ski didn’t have a real long career in Hip-Hop.”

Recently Kanye West wrote a blog defending Soulja Boy, and favorably compared “Crank Dat” to Nas’ “Silent Murder.”

West went on to state that Soulja Boy’s use of double meanings rivals the skill of the groundbreaking Queensbridge MC.

“I respected his comment,” Ice-T stated. “At least the discussion has begun. But the discussion won’t go on if people feel I’m hating. It’s more about Hip-Hop. When you go in the studio, you’re supposed to really try and do something. It’s not someone’s fault they got a hit record, but when you try to compare that to Nas, you’re gonna get a dramatic response from a real Hip-Hop n***a.”


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why not said:
speaking of mainstream hip-hop, i saw 50 cent last night, and i almost felt sorry for him.
he'd play a song, end it, and there was complete silence across the crowd - no clapping, no booing, nothing.
dude looked so confused and perplexed.
ROFLMAO! That's awesome!

Now I know for sure ...there is a karmic force in the universe.

WTF did you hit that garbage?


ice t def has a point: re - rapping.

souljafuck has no fucking clue in that regard.
but... is ice t arguing rapping per se or the commodification of rap and hip hop in general? and does it matter? if any one personifies that, its ice-t no matter how good or influential he was at one point in time, in terms of hip hop.

iits interesting, if only for the fact that you got the top pop artist who attempts to arrest a genre for their own purposes versus a former underground-cum-pop aritst who found success in spite of that same modicum
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