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Ice Cream (sherbet, gelato, & frozen yogurt) appreciation thread


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There used to be a really nice gelato shop on Mount Pleasant, just south of Eglinton... I wonder if it is still there?

I think you are thinking of Hollywood Gelato.
There is another one in the area now on Bayview that is wicked. The Mad Italian.


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Somebody was telling me you can freeze bananas and then food process them into a delicious frozen treat. Don't they oxidize and turn brown if you do that?
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The Watcher

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We're having an Ice Cream day here at work, I don't even like Ice Cream, but they have various syrup topings and sprinkles, I might just make myself a mini one.

Joe Seven

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My favourite flavour of Haagen-Dazs is Rocky Road. I regularly eat the entire tub in one sitting. In terms of cones, I really like White Squirrel (across from Trinity Bellwoods). They get their stuff from Greg's I think. The new ice-cream place at the Drake is pretty weak... not enough cream, lacks flavour.


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why is rocky road so hard to find, other than haagen dazs are there any other company that makes them?
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Cold Stone Creamery is good, if the US version is any indication. Huge portions, CAKE BATTER ice cream. Hello!

Also, the one on College St, possibly called the Big Scoop (it's Big something) has cake batter as well, which is wicked awesome.

Alex, the gelateria on Mt. Pleasant (the Italian one) is open, with hefty lines. Good times at 3pm on Sunday.


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^ that's the main reason i wanna check it out. i've heard it's deadly. (birthday cake flavour ice cream)
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Dirty Girl

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I went to a place in vancouver, and they had any flavour you could imagine:
vegemite (i tried that one, it didnt taste like vegemite)
green tea, lycee (like all strange asian flavours you can think of)
rum and coke

I think I went with raspberry and lemon sherbet.


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The ultimate flavour the epicurist was introduced to me by a persian coworker.

They make saffron flavored ice cream

it's outstanding.

Amazing aroma and a light flavor that sits well on the palette. you dont want to swallow it.