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Ice Cream (sherbet, gelato, & frozen yogurt) appreciation thread

Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by alexd, Jun 24, 2010.

  1. alexd

    alexd Administrator Staff Member

    OMG, even in the winter, I can't stop eating it.

    Yesterday I went to Film Buff and had the most deliciously light pistachio ice cream in a waffle cone. Sitting outside the shop, completely enjoying my ice cream cone while Leslieville moms wheeled their kids quickly past in their strollers - their kids looking back sadly and then yelling "Mom! I want an ice cream!"

    Ha! sucker.

    Today I will see what new flavors are on tap. Perhaps they will have Pomegranate Sherbet again. That would be excellent in a waffle cone.

    I love icecream.
  2. alexd

    alexd Administrator Staff Member

    A tip to new moms: buy your kid an ice cream once in a while! Geez.
  3. alexd

    alexd Administrator Staff Member

    There is a wicked Honey Lavender ice cream down at Natalie Rose in the summer... Sounds weird, but it is absolutely delish.
  4. peko

    peko TRIBE Member

    Ice cream is the reason I could never be a vegan.
  5. Persephone

    Persephone TRIBE Member

    Try Greg's Ice Cream at Spadina and Bloor. The Roasted Marshmallow flavour is incredible and unique!
  6. alexd

    alexd Administrator Staff Member

    I've had! Yummy! Its very similar to Ed's Real Scoop's crème brûlée ice cream.
  7. Psyrel

    Psyrel TRIBE Member

    Love Greg's cardamom icecream.

    You forgot kulfi!
  8. alexd

    alexd Administrator Staff Member

    Just back from gorfing down another pistachio cone. mmmm

    mango kulfi rocks
  9. erika

    erika TRIBE Member

    Greg's is good.
    In the commercial variety, Gelato Fresco's 0BF chocolate is my guilt free pleasure.
  10. alexd

    alexd Administrator Staff Member

  11. MOD ONE

    MOD ONE TRIBE Member

    I like Peanut butter chocolate from basket robins... nothing beats chocolate and chunks of peanut butter!!!
  12. xtcfreak

    xtcfreak TRIBE Member

    I would like to add coconut made frozen deserts - ie dairy free / soy free . Just as creamy (if not creamier) then ice cream. So Delicious , Purely Decadent and Cia Belo (sp?) all make really good stuff.

  13. deevah

    deevah TRIBE Member

    for nostalagia - daquiri ice from BR will always be a fav
    the ferrero rocher flav from duckie gelato
  14. sk8

    sk8 TRIBE Member

    can't find it up here! been looking everywhere.

    the soy stuffs not bad and i can eat sorbet and some frozen yogurts (the expensive fancy kinds of course LOL)

    i do have my own ice cream maker though! I make all kinds of delicious concoctions that are me-friendly and am considering trying my hand at a coconut one this summer - the skim-lactose-free milk ones just come out too icy a lot of the time.

    My girls LOOOOVE ice cream and they and the hubby are all over the new PC ice-cream-shop flavours - Rainbow and Tiger Tail currently in the freezer along with Key Lime Sorbet and the last of the loads-of-buttertart one. I'm a fan of the PC ice creams for them because they are just that - cream is the first ingredient, not that modified crap.
  15. coleridge

    coleridge TRIBE Member

    My gf makes ice-cream in her Kitchen Aid ice cream maker attachment ... it's outstanding. She too is a big fan of lavender ice cream and makes it regularly. She also makes a great cinnamon, vanilla and nutmeg ice-cream varieties from the spices we picked up in Grenada on vacation.

    I've complained about this before but I'll say it again. Ed's Ice Cream really bothers me with some of their flavours. Often all they do is make a base ice cream with no flavour and then swirl some stuff in to it and declare it a flavour. Blueberry Pie is simply a pie swirled in. Rum Raisin is rum soaked raisins swirled in. I find this kind of weak. Their raspberry white chocolate is awesome.

    I need a pistachio ice cream fix now...
    Last edited: Jun 25, 2010
  16. Thunder

    Thunder TRIBE Member

    There's a place just west of woodbine and danforth Carter's I think the name is? It has kawartha lakes ice cream..


    great stuff!
  17. alexd

    alexd Administrator Staff Member

    try the Film Buff - they get theirs from Maypole, a small creamery who makes delicious ice cream.
  18. orchid

    orchid TRIBE Member

    for store bought, this is this shiznit:


    most delish chocolate ever, and really cinnamonny. luuuurve it.
  19. alexd

    alexd Administrator Staff Member

    That candy store on danforth by logan has kwartha ice cream.

    Kwartha Ice Cream is good but Maypole is way better IMO
  20. skyparty

    skyparty TRIBE Member

    Dolce was giving away free small gelato ice creams until July 31 when you brought in the coupon they gave you in your mailbox. Some people never bothered to open the coupon and trashed them in the recycle bin. Lucky for me and my man, we ended up scoring 10 free small gelato ice cream's. Dedication and obsession for ice cream of all sorts, I tell ya.

    I can't even own it in the house or I eat the entire thing in a matter of 2 days, so I get excited when we get to go out for ice cream!

    That's the last food I want to eat before I die.
  21. alexd

    alexd Administrator Staff Member

    There used to be a really nice gelato shop on Mount Pleasant, just south of Eglinton... I wonder if it is still there?
  22. xtcfreak

    xtcfreak TRIBE Member

    Where is up here?

    If you are in Toronto , try Whole Foods Market :)

  23. afterglow

    afterglow TRIBE Member

    there is an amazing vegan ice cream parlour in nyc called lula's apothecary. i never thought vegan ice cream could be so good. cake batter soft serve!
  24. videotronic

    videotronic TRIBE Member

    yep..and still packed like 7 nights a week. lines out the door.
  25. sk8

    sk8 TRIBE Member

    Barrie. We have all the soy ones at our Zehrs, but the coconut has yet to show up.

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