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Ice Cream in the beaches?

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Ed's, without a doubt...always enjoy a trip out there, and the creme brulee is second to none. Now that I think about it, I haven't been there so far this spring season...anyone up for a trip? *casually looks in alex's direction...*

le bricoleur

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Ed's Real Scope is at Beech Ave. and Queen St. E
It's at the far end of Queen st. past the main drag. It's close to the Fox Movie Theatre and the GOOF (Golden Gate) Restaurant.



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The post at 8.23pm was not enough. We needed a second follow up just in case. Thank you TRIBE.
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This thread totally reminded me that....

Today is FREE ICE CREAM DAY at Ben and Jerry's.

Love those words in the same sentence.

I always seem to miss it, but will try and make it down today.


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^ thanks TLG, happy free ben & jerry's ice cream day, woot!

ice cream is best served as breakfast.