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Ibiza Summer 2G2 - Update #1.......

Whatup? Howareya?

I just wanted to give anyone who was curious a little taste of what one could expect if they were to go to Ibiza this summer. To those who have been there before, this article should stir up some sweet memories of insane partying and music and all around good times.......

Judge Jules, Erick Morillo and Paul Oakenfold come clean

Judge Jules, Erick Morillo and Paul Oakenfold have all announced details of
their summer 2002 Ibiza residencies.

The Judge will be back in session at Judgement Sunday every week at Eden
from June 9.

Across the other side of the island, Erick Morillo and Darren Emerson will
return to Pacha every Wednesday with their bumping Subliminal and Underwater
night from June 19. They will be joined at the opening party by fellow
Subliminal DJ Harry Choo Choo Romero, according to reports on ananova.com.

Still at Pacha, Oakie launches Perfecto at Pacha on Tuesdays from June 25,
while Danny Rampling will headline Miss Moneypenny's opening party at El
Divino on the same night.

Godskitchen will ship, out its residents Fergie and Tiesto to host their
opening night at Amnesia on June 18.

Cream will be back at Amnesia every Thursday from June 13, while Manumission
will, of course, be pulling out all the stops at Privilege every Monday from
June 17 - DJ line-ups are still to be announced.

Space opens on June 2 with Sasha, Carl Cox, Steve Lawler and residents.
Paul Van Dyk is to be a resident at Cream in Ibiza this summer.
He will play every two weeks at the Thursday night event, which opens at
Amnesia on June 13.
The German DJ's first night of the season will be on July 4.
Further DJs will be announced later this week


Sources: The website mentioned in the article, Ministry of Sound.com and my buddy TheVibe.


T <---------- starting to get hyped for the spring & summer madness.


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Yup, it's only March, but NEVER too early to get hyped for a summer of fun in Ibiza...a serious clubber's dream, not to mention the beaches, the fashion and tons of crazy brits!

I'd love to spend the whole summer there. That would be awesome. I can't understand how people actually survive 3+ months of continuous partying without ending up in a hospital...I know how I felt after 7 days. But somehow, you just want more.

I'm going to have to go back again this year, whatever it takes....


I'd just like to take this opportunity to air a pet peeve of mine:

It's pronounced Ih-Bee-Tha.
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Originally posted by Tearer
I'd just like to take this opportunity to air a pet peeve of mine:

It's pronounced Ih-Bee-Tha.

ya, also a pet peeve of mine. Every time I say "ee-bee-tha" (or however you want to phonetically spell it!) people look at me like I'm a weirdo.... :p


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Well, I don't know if "I-bee-tha" is more correct than the typical "Ibi-za" pronounciation. All the Euro's pronounce it with "tha" at the end, but on this side of the Atlantic, you hear the other pronounciation, and most often. Perahps there are two correct ways to say it, like several other English words.

I personally find "I-bee-tha" sounds funny so I prefer the cooler-sounding "Ibi-za".

Regardless of how you say it, the place kicks ass. End of story.


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actually, i asked a few locals when i was in ibiza, and they prounounced it the same way we do, ibi-za, not i-bee-tha.

would love to go back, i just don't think i could handle it. i barely survived a week last year....
The pronounciation, as I understand it, actually originates from different accents in different regions in Spain. Similar to how you'd hear some Spaniards pronounce Barcelona 'Bar-tche-lona' or 'Bar-zthe-lona' you get the 'Ib-eeza' and 'Ib-eetha'. It's the whole 'th' thing with them. In some places it's one way, in others another. At the end of the day, who cares??? The Brits call it 'Ib-eetha' and good for them. They, in my view and in many cases, sound, look and act like obnoxious fools on that Island. When you hear a Spaniard say 'Ibeetha' it sounds cute. In fact, I think I fell in love on every street corner when I was in Spain. The chicks there are so hot, have a natural beauty about them, are very sexy, can really move their bodies and love to party.

Yay Spain!!

One love,
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