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Ian Pooley @ Tonic


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Ian Pooley say wha?! Oh what a nite indeed.

Things started off kinda slow. I got there around 11 and it was barren. Peter (lacking in the Tyrone department) spun some good tracks but things were still kinda dull.

12 o'clock hit, the jagermeister flowed forth like water in birthday celebrations as I *officially* became legal, and just as Green Velvet's "La La Land" happened to be cranking. What a fucking song to enter into my 19th year with...I guess that says a lot.

Anyways, Ian Pooley came on, and it was HECTIC! I was expecting some sort of tech-house styles but he tickled my fancy by dropping sweet sweet deep FUNKAY soulful house tunes. A lot of really really big tracks too...some Sneak, some KOT (ok, for real that song needs to die....i don't care what Finally remix it is it's soo overplayed now), he even dropped some old skool classics. I danced and I danced and I danced, and I was happy. He knew what that kinda croud wanted and he delivered.

Cheers to the "it's so special!" guy at the front who kept buying me double gin and tonics cause "my dancing was soo special".

Cheers to the HOT bartender who gave me a birthday kiss.

Cheers to my cru...JayRev, Dave, Malia, Brian, Derek, Susan, Dan, Keith, Duncan, Amy, Nick, everyone else... you guys are the bestest! So great having you all there.

One party down, 5 more to go.



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that was fun

its 11am.. and i'm still drunk !

the jagrmeister was flowin.. was it evah!!

i think I bought like 8 rounds of.... 8 shots of that stuff
it was goin down NICE!

hahaha got the bartender SMASHED! got some bartender kisses too!

all i gotta say is i had an absolutely FUCKING amazing time last night.

Utterly amazing... it was good music... and ian pooley spun a fun set... but in the end it came down to the people...

Happy Birthday Tina.. thanks for the honour of buyin you your first legal drink




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Happy Birthday KiX!!!

Sigh, I really envy people coming of age with such an awesome musical scene as a backdrop..


But punk was alright too.


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Sorry....folks...I do not share the same ideas for the night...

Um...what I was expecting was a world class DJ spinning some awesome tech-house or house nonetheless.

Instead what I heard was....how can I say this politely.....

"floor filler tunes"

The vibe was right....Decor was sweet (yup Mychol H...I noticed)....people were hyped...

...but I was left disappointed...fairly empty....waiting for the music to pump up and drop hard. It never happend folks....the tunes were just there....kinda like MUZAK at Walmart.

As I said to my friend last night...I had to MAKE myself move to the music. The music wasn't movin' ME! *sigh*

Hopefully my spirits will be restored with my boy DJ Dan.

Peeps to all the TBK folks who were lots of fun. Peeps to Dan Park...you are the best guy!


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I always thought Ian Pooley produced and spun funky, light-hearted house from what sets and tracks I have heard. Why were you expecting tech house?
Or am I wrong altogether?

I was listening on the Radio it sounded fun.

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All I had heard of Ian Pooley before this night was more of a Detroit Technoish set... plus reading what was written up about him on the flyer...

"Ian Pooley is a nu school German artist who has been taking the world by storm- The main man behind Germany's Force Inc label, Ian Pooley has been bridging the gap between techno & house, creating such superb hits as "Celtic Cross" and "Chord Memory" along with more house and disco influenced tracks on labels such as John Aquaviva's Definitive, Effective and NRK Sound Division."

solacevip: I agree totally, but sometimes those floor filler songs are soo fun!



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I have Celtic Cross on mp3, it seems like a CHOON to me.

Oh well.

Can't be right all the time



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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by olde:
I always thought Ian Pooley produced and spun funky, light-hearted house from what sets and tracks I have heard. Why were you expecting tech house?
Or am I wrong altogether?

I was listening on the Radio it sounded fun.

Ian Pooley is known more for his techno tracks; over the last two years he has lightened up his style with the Force Inc. label.

I wasn't there, but I must admit it surprised me to find out his set sounded more like house than techno.




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Judging by his biggest release on V2 recordings, "900 Degrees", you would think that Ian Pooley has changed a lot since his more formidable years.

Was I the only person who got what they were expecting?

Personally, I enjoyed the hell out of it. It's a fresh change to see people go nuts over a headliner that isn't spinning music that could bash a hole through solid iron.

Even if he is a bit of a snob in person. *laughs*


girl friday

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Alas, I was much too drunk that night to be able to post a proper review with regards to the musical stylings of Mr. Pooley, what I do know is that I had an incredible night because of the amazing people I was with.

Happy B'day kix and happy pre-b'day bash to Chickpea.

PS Jarmeister should be banned uhummmm DAVE!

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