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I will not celebrate meaningless accomplishments

Ditto Much

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'Kindergrads' feted
Ceremony held for 5 and 6-year-olds
'Diploma', photos mark move to Grade 1
Jun. 27, 2006. 06:07 AM

It featured the usual trappings of any graduation ceremony — fresh-faced students in cap and gown, proud parents with cameras at the ready, teachers offering fond memories and best wishes.

But when a teacher told one boy to stop fidgeting and pulling the long hair of the girl seated in front of him and another was encouraged by his father to sit up straight and keep his finger out of his nose, it was clear that senior kindergarten graduation at Regina Mundi Catholic School was not your traditional affair.

Denise Padovani, who has taught kindergarten at the school for nine years, admitted some may find such a ceremony "redundant" for those aged 5 and 6 such a short way into their formal education. But, she added, it's a significant day in their lives, one worthy of celebration.

"This marks a milestone to going full-time to school and being independent," Padovani told 38 "kindergrads" from both the morning and afternoon classes at the North York school yesterday. "So, it is an important step and I think it's very important to mark it."

The smiling faces worn by teachers, parents and especially students made it obvious they agree.

Clad in white caps and navy blue gowns, students sang songs in Italian and English to an appreciative audience of about 100 parents, grandparents and siblings. Near the end of the hour-long ceremony, they were called forward individually to receive "diplomas," a class picture and handshakes from their teachers and school officials.

"The children are excited and they like to impress their parents," said Flavia Da Silva, whose son, Jacob, 6, beamed as he accepted post-ceremony hugs of congratulation from his parents and sister, Sarah, 5. "It's a big event for them and helps them celebrate their accomplishments. "And when you see these things it makes you proud to be a parent."

It also made many wonder where time has gone.

"It was a little bittersweet," Frank Trombino said of the ceremony that included the eldest of his two daughters, Sofia, 6. "It makes you realize that already six years have gone by and she's on her way to Grade 1.

"It reminds you how time flies."

Principal Anna Carino wished students a good summer and told them what September will bring — many will start staying at school for lunch, they will begin taking French lessons and getting homework. They'll also have a desk and chair instead of group tables.

"Just like caterpillars that grow and become a butterfly, you have learned through the year," Carino said. "You now have the wings needed to be Grade 1 butterflies."

Cristiano Rossi, 6, decided to leave talk of the future for another day. After the ceremony, he posed for pictures with his mom, Loren, before eating a cupcake and dreaming about summer fun ahead.

But asked what his favourite part of yesterday was, he offered up a quick response through his chocolate smile: "Having my mom here."
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Ditto Much

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Its the look on the kids face who realize how trite it all really is! yup she's my vote for most likely to be worth talking to in anothyer 20 years.


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Fuck that. I got a fat little cousin who just graduated kindergarten and hearing his stupid songs was one of the better things I got to see/hear this year.
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Ditto Much

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Ditto Much said:

I really love the look on this kids face. I mean off all the pictures they could put up obviously the person writ9ing the article saw this in one hell of a cynical view as well.


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I think it's definately more for the proud Pappas and Mammas then the kids...primary school concerts and graduations are super cute...inevitably thhere is always some poor kid who has go to the bathroom during a performance, holding themselves and doing the pee dance. Do men have biological clocks? I think i hear mine ticking!
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You've gotta pretty cynical to see Kinder-Graduation as a trite exersize in masturbatory parental pride. I'm exactly that cynical.

FFS, I was bitter about my high school graduation cuz they made such a big deal out of it...they made it seem like we just completed a friggin space shuttle landing.

Edit: "WOOOW! CONGRATULATIONS! WE'RE SO PROUD OF YOU! You graduated high school; that's amaaaazing, omg" <brings AK-47 and IEDs to the prom>


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I will, however, celebrate that I stopped reading that article about four words into it. yipppee!!


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SellyCat said:
FFS, I was bitter about my high school graduation cuz they made such a big deal out of it...they made it seem like we just completed a friggin space shuttle landing.

same here.
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I like to celebrate meaningless accomplishments. It's my dream to one day have a giant gong to ring every time I successfully drop the dirty dwarf.