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I wear my sunglasses at night (part 2)


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I think I'm going to wear sunglasses indoors tomorrow at Cream. I like how they look and I want to add them to my ensemble.

They're light green frameless Brad Pitt type glasses that don't have much of a tint so it's not like they're dark. They're REALLY light and you can see my eyes.

I, personally, always laugh at guys with really dark shades in a club (maybe the lasers are annoying them) but sometimes I wished I had mine cuz my eyes were tired and the lights were getting to me. But no one would know that if I did wear them.

This is a rehash thread but are sunglasses indoors a crime?
You have about 24 hours to convince me to not wear them. :D
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You have to practice dancing to make sure they don't go flying off you face!

metal sticks flying through the air is dangerous.

cream? what happens there?
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i cheated.

i posted 'sugar', then went and found the thread and came back, edited my post and made it a link.


as for the sunglasses, the trick is to do so much drugs that your pupils are so dialated that you need sunglasses just to see clearly.
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My brother likes to walk around in the winter, WITHOUT A WINTER COAT. And it makes him look like a dumbass. Same thing goes with the sunglasses at night.

And BTW. Toby's glasses and not sunglasses. They are "special-orange-something-something-make-me-look-cool" glasses. ;)



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damn youuuuu!

they were NOT sunglasses.....they just had orange lenses. they did nothing to reflect the sun's rays=hence, not sunglasses.

:mad: \

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Sheesh, I didn't read anything about them not being sunglasses, Toby so chill.

Glasses that aren't worn for seeing are sunglasses. Or they're fake glasses like yours which are pretentious.

Like when artsy people wear those fake nerd glasses (I have a few pairs) just to look artsy.

I'm asking if I should be pretentious or not. Or is it even pretentious?


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Originally posted by JayIsBored
sunny can i have your slutty cop sunglasses?
They're just sunglasses, Jay. They're not slutty until you put them on. :D

I have, I think, 5 pairs or more. Some of them are my dad's though so I don't know if he'd get mad. Vintage gold Ray-Bans, guy! On the right person, so sexy.
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I wear my sunglasses at night.
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