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I was told to repent b4 it was too late (maybe i shouldnt act "gay" in public)


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Has anyone ever been accosted by a religious person on the TTC?
I was on the Queen streetcar, dressed completely respectably, on my way to volunteer at the AIDS hospice.
So I was feeling good, doing my bit, and my cellphone rings and it was my friend Bobby. Now, admittedly, things can get a little bit queeny, b/c well, you gay guyz know, when u talk to your "sistahs" sometimes things get a bit animated. But I was being completely respectful, not swearing and talking pretty quietly.
I notice this guy straining to listen to my conversation. Straining to listen to it.
Before I know it, there's a bible staring me in the face. And the guy starts yelling, so the WHOLE streetcar can here. "Find the lord jesus, repent your lifestyle before it's too late" "Come to the lord lest you be damned to eternal hell" and the like, repeatedly, until he got off at Spadina.
I felt small, I felt embarassed. And I felt sort of violated. I did nothing to this person. And I was on my way to VOLUNTEER, to help people. Hell, I even go to Buddhist classes every week. I know Im a good person, but somehow this encounter left me feeling dirty, I dunno.
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"Shut the fuck up you and read your book"

Was what you should have said... sorry it happened :(

(I've had the urge to start a fight with somebody, anybody, for 2 weeks now, maybe u should have beat him down, and then scream "Satan wins!")
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you should have started coming on to him... that would have made him run...

"ohhh you're sexy god boy"


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You should have taken his bible and shoved it up his ass. You never know, he might be like the rest of us so called "stattistcs"...you know the 1 in 10 out of the population that don't actually seem to mind.



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don't take that shit.

religion is what is wrong with the world. and freaks who push it on others should be behind bars.


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You should have kicked his ass till he said Jesus Loves you.....

or told him Jesus was gay, seriously how many straight men would hang out with 12 other guys do dinner, gossip and walk on water....



you should have started calling him a fag and yelled for him to stop groping your nuts.
then kicked him in the face.
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If anybody ever started to do any weird shit like that to me, first I'd wouldn't say anything, but if they didn't stop within 15 seconds I'd tell them to back the fuck off and shut it. If they still didn't stop..... it would be time to get physical.