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I wanna poop back and forth.

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I tried to watch it with stryker, but he hated it so much, he couldn't shut-up about his hatred for it.

I loved this movie.
It was strange and funny and sweet all at the same time.
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i was killing myself laughing in the theatre.

back and forth back and forth. forever.

hahaha. so strange. but so funny.
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miss riot

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Spinsah said:
He's even funnier when he blogs for Miranda July

:eek: :0

WHERE??!!!!!!! MY UNDYING LOVE WILL NEVER FADE. I remember when she was hot shit putting out the shizzz on Kill Rock Stars & I swooned & swooned & then she had to go & make the best movie ever. Goddamnit!


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go to the blog section

there's some great videos with the two kids as well.

i find that ovaries start kickin into high gear when brandon is on the screen. i recently re-watched this flick with a friend and she had the same reaction all you egg storage resepticles are having.

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