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I TILT my head


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Parks and Wilson was fun.

Much better night than the previous time they played. I also think that the large crowd helped the guys play a lot better than they had at their last gig at Breathe.

Mick Wilson commented to me that it was nice to see the club rammed. I tend to agree. Hehe. It was just full enough, but not Deep Dish sardine-can-crammed. I believe this had something to do with it being the beginning of February when people start to go out again. I met many people who said they hadn't been out in two months...

As for the music... We got there rather early as I was meeting up with a friend who just moved back to Canada from London, England after 4 years. As such, I got to hear most of Mark Scaife's set for the first time in AGES! I love Mark, but you can't always be on every week. We all have our bad nights and our good nights. When Mark is on, he's ON. Tonight he was ON drugs or something, because it rocked. I've never really heard Mark play the genre of chunky house he was dropping, but it had my scrawny booty shaking nicely.

When P&W stepped up, I was ready to hear them tear things up. As per usual, Mick Parks played first and got things going in a more pumping prog direction. My gf had a bit of the flu so we spent a lot of the time bobbing our heads until all of a sudden she was cured and we couldn't be torn off the dancefloor. When Mick Wilson stepped up, I had worked up a nice lather - which is rare for me. It may have something to do with it being my birthday celebration, but I think it was mostly the tunes. Wilson started off a tad slow for me but after about 20 minutes, he found his groove and soared. For me, this was the set of the night.

We left when Quivver came on after two tracks. You could feel the energy of the place go down as he stepped up. Frankly, I wasn't remotely interested in hearing him play based upon the last time I heard him when Medway played. I certainly hope he made up for the way it started off?

All in all, an excellent night that was well spent celebrating my b-day. I saw many faces I haven't seen in ages since I hadn't been to System since early December.

Here's to Cass and Chris Fortier on the 22nd!

Jay K.


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Yeah, that was a great night...and in agreeance with loopdokter, I felt that Mick Wilson stole the show!

Especially the last hour of his set...oh my!

And of course, there were plenty of familiar faces to make the night that much better...cheezwhiz, highsteppa, Finary, Mingster, doodlebug, Che, Plunger, Cheeka, Sassy, and the list goes on....and big ups to Grec for the Breathe T-shirt...I'm gonna sport it proud

another solid night at System



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I really wasn't feeling the music last night. It was pretty boring to me. Alot of the same stuff over and over again (BSPF). No real flow or build to any of the sets, I found.

However, it was good seeing everyone out last night. I wish I could have been in a better party mood. Damn weed!

I must comment on the amount of FINE women last night. Good lord! Was that really System I was at? I was doing numerous double-takes through out the course of the night.

And its pretty shitty that they permanently took out the back room. I was pretty upset when I heard about that. That room always had a nice little vibe happening.

Ah well, till we meet again...


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Last night told me why I love t.dot so much. So much good music...good friends...fun night! Good to see everyone.


John rocked it towards the end of the night...amazing tunes.

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Che:

And its pretty shitty that they permanently took out the back room. I was pretty upset when I heard about that. That room always had a nice little vibe happening.



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yeah that sucks, that room was hectic. i'd go down there, go off for a little while and then return to the normalcy that is the big room.


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Another solid Breathe Night!

Got there for about 11:30pm and Scaife was doing a great job with some funky, Chunky Prog. I couldn't believe how packed it was so early, and with women *gasp*. No System Sausage Party tonight!

Parks & Wilson & Graham came on at 1. There was confusion as to how they were gonna play. I thought it was going to be 30mins Back2Back2Back, but I don't think it turned out that way.???

After about two hours of a somewhat up and down set Mr. Parks left (he was feeling ill or tired or something) and Wilson and Graham seemed to turn it up a notch. Funniest/weirdest part of the night came around 4am when they played a mini-breaks set (seems to be a new standard for every prog DJ
), but the volume went waaaaaaaaay down. WTF??? For a good 20mins, the volume seemed to be about 2/3 of what it was the rest of the night. I'm no expert or anything, but it would seem a better idea to boost the volume when mixing it up with some Funky Breakbeats, not lower it.

The last hour of their set was by far the best. I believe it was mostly John Graham's doing. He kept it nice and Hard(er) right up 'till when they finished at 5:30. * Except for that godawful trainwreck right around 5am that made me howl

Great to see all the usual suspects, especially John, James and Jay who were there to the end. Nice to meet Doodlebug for the first time.
Great to see Stephanie, my favorite ex-door girl, hope Sydnee Blu impressed!

All in all, a pretty good breathe night. Keep up the good work!


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System really blue last night!


T'was a good night. The music was alright for most of the night, but it started picking up around 4am it seemed (as usual) Quivver was pounding out the dark-tech he's known for and I was diggin it. One thing I noticed: THE SOUND WAS AWSOME LAST NIGHT! Did someone do a tuneup on the EQ in there or do these guys just know how to make a club sound good? Finnally a night where I don't have that wooshy-progressive noise ringing in my ears the next morning!

good to see all the smiling faces.

Peace & love. D


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Overall, it wasn't that bad of a night, but not excellent either. Good enough to have a pretty good time.
Started off wth a pre-party at my place, we then moved on to System at 1230, and no queue? Hmm.... And some of us wore all blue, and only $5 discount... meh.... still better than nothin'.
Anyways, Mark Scaife played a wicked set when we went in, the crowd was pumped and the vibe was good.
What was that track Mark was playing with whispers throughout the track "Dancing..dancing....". Nice track.

When Mick Parks took over, it was alright but the show goes to Mick Wilson, holy cow!
Fluke - Absurd (Soul Of Men Mix) totally blew me away! Hearing it loud on the system is just so over-whelming, those twisted squelching sounds really got me going.
And Si Begg's Welcome to the Discoteque was brilliant, too.

When John Graham took over, it seems like the energy level dropped, playing some really nice breaks tracks but somehow felt out of place esp after Wilson's set. I was expecting the energy level to maintain but giving it another 45mins, I just couldn't keep up.

The backroom is permanenty closed? Damn.... I love the backroom, really cosy and has its own vibe. Just too bad.
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it was good..nothing extraordinary. quivver was playing some nice shit towards the end. it was way too packed to dance so i spent most of my time behind the booth so i had no idea who was spinning most of the night

go team tribe. nice to meet adrian again, for the first time


hehe that better chrissy?


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too much beer
i gotta stop bringing money out with me
limelight $2.50 drinks before didn't help at all either

Par- T

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Last night was ok, nothing special or particularly memorable.
I didn't think the sets were all that great, too up and down with no real flow. I have no idea who whas spinning when, since I was parked behind the DJ booth all night, complete lack of room up front. The sets seemed to me that they were mostly: drop a track and then put on whatever came out of the box next, no checking to see if one works following the other.
Dance... stop... dance... stop... dance - was me all night, it was getting on my nerves!
Too bad I had to leave just as things seemed like they were turning around at 4am - work yada yada yada.
Wasn't an entire loss, I didn't have a bad time, even got a "Breathe" t-shirt (for someone who would never qualify as a regular).

Cheers to all the boarders who made it out


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such a fun night!
Wicked people and music at System!
To my girls gooood times.. esp Sassy - as usual sooo much fun
wicked to see JAYISBORED
(bittersweet will be sweeeet!!), toby, highsteppa, finary, tearer, mingster, nice to meet kalemic... and everyone I am forgetting.
and I managed to score a couple of shirts and a cd...

breathe=good times

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Metal Morphosis:
Did anyone get anything for me since i couldn't make it???

lisa &lt;--- still sulking
NO! you snooze, you loose


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Yay for my blue DBBL hoodie, 10 more parties like that and it would have paid itself off. This was the best 10 dollars I've spent EVAR!

It was nice to have the headliners start a bit earlier, I haven't heard any of them spin before and I didn't feel like waiting until 2 for that. The trasition from Mark Scaife's set to Mr. Parks' was smooth as silk; the energy that Scaife built up was not put to waste as so many other headliners tend to do. Parks and Wilson stayed far away from the dark progressive sound that I'm so used to hearing. There was never a dull moment when they were on; they knew the crowd was up for lots of banging progressive and that's what they kept dishing out. It was definitely music for the feet.

When I heard Quivver start his set off with breaks, I was all for it, but what was up with the levels? I felt kinda weird busting it to a baseline that you could easily have a conversation over, but when Quivver finally fixed the problem things didn't quite return to normal. He put on another breaks song that I was happy to bounce along to, but he kinda lost everyone else on that so he gave the crowd a break with some darker, slower beats. I could tell that's what everyone needed, and I'm glad the dark stuff was dropped at just the right time. By starting off nice and dark, he was able to build it up little by little, making it harder and harder, and finally working the crowd into a frenzy once again. The last half hour of his set is hard for me to describe, all I know is that I completely lost it
. Mark Scaife kept the pumping progressive going until the very end, but by then my legs and eyes were just too tired. So I just stood in the middle of the dance floor with my eyes closed and bobbed my head with a big grin until 7am.

Shouts to Gord and Willie, good call Gord on requesting Slavedriver, that fit in nicely. A very very special thanks to Sunkist, if it wasn't for your thoughtfulness and generosity I wouldn't have lasted another hour there!


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Fun night!
Started the night out at ARIA which I wasn't feeling (formage?!) My night got better the minute I stepped through System's doors. The music was pretty solid, nice to see lots of familiar faces (Mingster, Doodlebug, JIB, Toby, Highsteppa, Finary and meeting Kalemic and of course my party girl/girlfriend *better watch out Bumbaclat*, J/K - CHEEKA
) and see System rammed. Definitey not a sausage party but there were some interesting characters there (man in fun fur and balerina skirt), I personally enjoy a mixed crowd.

Looking foward to Bittersweet next weekend, hope to see you all there.


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it was soooo good.
i thought quivver was fabulous. i suppose parks and wilson were to, but i had nothing to compare them to since i'd never seen them before, if that makes any sense.
that is all.
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Being a non-System clubber... I honestly gotta say that yesterday was my best time ever there. Tilt was throwing down some serious tracks....I jus wish I heard it on the Phazon system.


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Arriving a little late in the evening I missed the Scaife-Parks trans. mick was throwing down pleasing tunes when I walked on the floor. My highlight of the night goes to mick wilson ending with bjork-all is full of love- whom had the best set/mixing of the evening. Although I wasn't ready to hear breaks from john when he went on..his set was very enjoyable 4 or 5 mixes in.
thanks be to breath for bringing my fav. dj/producers to this city time and time again. see you again on feb 22nd~!!


arrived at the club just before 11. Unfortunately I had to pay since my friend who came with and went in right before me told the guy doing guestlist he was me.... bastard. At least he bought me a couple of drinks to make up for it.

Scaife was playing a harder than usual, which is a good sign. Whenever he does it tends to set the tone for night, which means harder music will follow. Parks and wilson were a lot better than the last time they were here. I ended up leaving early and don't know who was playing at the time, but it was good.

respect to everyone who was there.

good times were had by all.

p.s. tearer, go to system's website, click on breathe, then archives and then nick warren. Notice the date is october 19th.
I told you I was right
I'll take my winnings in small unmarked bills please


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Cheeka:
i can't believe i forgot the lovely sunkist - great to see you out lori
how easily we forget...*hangs head*

good to see you too!..yoga starts this month for surely!! and we should get pink outfits

i guess this was ok...although i swear this is the last time im going to system for a while

Mark Scaife's set was hard..which makes it tolerable progressive..so maybe i danced to it...maybe
but the best part of the nite was seeing my friends boyfriend in the girls washroom in drag..

and Mel i owe you for breaking your drink on the ground

and jamie i owe you for punching you in the chin when i saw you come in

and anyone else i did something jerky to..i owe you too.


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Lori, you can break my drink anyday.

Tilt was fun. I thought the music was aiight. It had it's moments for sure. Too bad I was so fuck tired. I would have danced a bit more, but my body was just saying no.

Nice to see y'all, dressed in blue, proper. Except for John, with his khakis and "navy" shirt. "Suuuuuure John, you're dressed in blue." *pats Cheezwhiz on the head*

Too bad about the back room, hopefully this is only temporary. I think it sucks. I wanted a shirt! Too bad I was too lazy to hold it.

I went up to the DJ booth!!! It made me feel like a supa-star! I like the view from up there.

And that is my miserably structured non-review.

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