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I think someone is trying to hack my ftp site

justin surdit

TRIBE Member
the same ip keeps trying to log in as user x+1 over and over, as an administrator (i don't have an account created for admin) and keeps getting booted off for invalid passwords. but the same ip keeps trying and trying, over a hunderd times now. i've tried kicking off the user and banning ip address, but it doesn;t seem to work - should I be worried???
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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You can always ban ip's in ranges. For example, say the ip of the person is something like, you can ban 24.63.174.* and it'll ban everyone in that range in case he's on dialup.

Also make sure it's not one of your friends with a mispelled password! :p

oh toro

TRIBE Member
ftp is so insecure. hopefully, your ftp server isn't hosting anything else and is on the dmz as opposed to being on the same network any other systems or servers are on.