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I think Raveskull should change his name back


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Originally posted by Stan
Duh. She just right clicked on the image and copied and pasted the image location into the address bar to get the Dr Who site.


edit: Boooo. Your not a fan at all. Here's your nickel

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Originally posted by silver1
It would have taken more then a minute to grab the address, bring up the site, and search and verify identity on the first page and then reply to the thread.

Not if I'm doing it.
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yeah, technically...

try finding it on any of my information :] as far as the government is concerned i have no middle name. muhahahaha.


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What? There's privilages to be had??

and thus the thread has spun into a vortex of non-related nonsense.
* on a related note- no one's answered how we all get to be reborn also on tribe....
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Originally posted by JayIsBored
one time in my marketting class
we discussed a man named raevskills
my prof said it was importatnt for the class but i found him boring
bc im not into the whole rave thing n e more

that is why you never come out anymore?.

what's with all this attention to one guy with a change in his name??

I mean, who cares?
if he wants to change his name to rave god let him do it.
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Sorry, I just ate a bunch of pizza since I can't eat after midnight tonight. I'm just a bit testy.

You'll get used to it, joey.

p.s. rollacles looks angry.
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