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I swear..Im seriously considering doing this....try and talk me out of it!!! PLEASE!!


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I wanna sell my production equipment and by an FM radio tranmitter and an aieral

I SWEAR Im fucking Crazy....but think of the possiblities:eek:
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dude, you were talking about not being one for being a radio dj.

honestly, production is the way forward.

besides...it's highly illegal


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pump up the volume stylee! I hear the crtc gets on your ass really quickly and efficiently if you try to pirate..

wanna sell me some stuff?


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I dont think the Crtc is that efficient.

Im still trying to figure out whether this has ever been pullled off in this town or not. (id love to talk wit them.)

also if done properly IE. finding an empty frequency (with room on both sides), Scouting proper locations, and broadcasting wit professional sensibilities (No profanity!!)...I dont think u would get shut down in 5 mintues

If u can keep a pirate up and running in this town on weekends up for 2 months u would notice a big change in this town..
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case sensitive

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Some guys from Kitchener-Waterloo area got a pirate radio going last summer (around) and it lasted about two months I think. They have plans to start it again from my understanding.



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I don't think they got busted.....
But the Crtc is swift on people who do "Poor" pirate radio(ie. swearing)
"Keep it clean and you'll move your scene"
^^ this is the worst line I have come up with in 5 years.....please forget I wrote it.