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i started the weekend thread!

case sensitive

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Friday - Diplo (i think)
Saturday - Ice Cream, fix my car a little , partying in the home town
Sunday - recover a little, visit the past!
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LivingRoomPornstar said:
taking an early weekend and getting on a bus to Puerto Cortes on the Honduran Coast. There for the evening, then headed to a very beautiful, and luxurious estate in Paraiso. There will be a swimming pool, beer, rum, and a group of very lovely british women gracing the poolside. After working 24, 16 hour days straight, this will be a welcome, and much deserved break. :)

PS- truth be told, i'm still there for work purposes, but will try to keep the business side to a bare minimum, and the relaxation to a bare maximum ;)!

I'm mailing myself to you. Please keep the coke dogs at bay in preperation for my arrival.


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R4V4G3D_SKU11S said:
Yes! Rolling down the hill was awesome. Or playing tag team wrestling on that Utilties thingy that was on top of the hill. And feeding cigarette butts to the carp down the otonabee abyss in the monkey house.

Haha I loved feeding the carp. The monkey house is all closed up now though. I wanted to feed some carp cigarette butts just the other day. There's still one Monkey that lives there because she refuses to leave.


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edit: not going to Windsor

Friday - couch rave! *wink*
Saturday - Kick Party & Green Velvet (holy god it's gonna be a doosy)
Sunday - Cherry Beach
Monday (day off, hells ya) - a whole lotta nothing!
Tuesday - see 'Monday'
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Sunne Dee

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^apparently there is no cherry beach this sunday.

for me?
tonight: rest and pack.
saturday: leave for elora gorge, swim, go inner tubbing, eat yummy fire roasted food, drink beer, chill.
sunday: more swimming, tanning, and debauch camping pleasures.
monday: come home, sleep.