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i slept through survivor :( fill me in!


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boo 2 thinking i could sleep for half an hour at 7:15 and wake up in time to watch survivor *stupid*stupid*stupid*

can someone fill me in on what happened? or at least provide a link to a synopsis?

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the diry old man won the cruiseship for day prize..he took the young girl with him...probably fucked her in the shower

the guy with the tattoos won immunity and the other white chick was voted off

i only cause the leaf game was making me ill
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I like the black girl, V. And the black guy is growing on me. He's cynical. But they were starting to get sneaky.

Neleh became too cute and it was like how Lenny crushed mice in his hands in "Of Mice and Men." You just wanted to crush her head.

The limo driver won immunity and tried to catch a pig, with the white girl. He made popcorn.

The old lady laid low. Everytime she says "Sweet" you know she means "You're fucking annoying, Neleh."

Paschal brought Neleh on the cruise boat and they ate alot, and he is great because he left a $200 tip on Probst's credit card. And he looked good after, because Neleh was bragging about shampoo so he looked humble, by default.

They voted what's her face off, because she was a threat. Oh&Well.

At Tribal Council, the gay nurse didn't look deathly-ill and beardy, but more gay and put together. So maybe it was a good thing for him to get voted off and cry.

-Survivor is okay-

PS -- No one ate Neleh's half eaten mint. Surprise! :eek:


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haha i like how your whole post is written describing people by race and sexual orientation only. except the two white people-you knew their names. :p
I knew the name of the black lady. V. Like Varuca or Veronique or something that started with a V.

Like Malcolm X, you don't really need to know the WHOLE name, just the first letter. :)

And I didn't know the limo driver's name and he is white. I only knew the names of the RICH white people.

-Bingo Bango-
MS Paint is God.

I made a comic to best express how Survivor worked, tonight.


-It's big and simple, like the Limo guy!-
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[vecepia ..]



this survivor sucked

i liked tammy ... she was hot
neleh needs to get voted off .. she sucks
i don't like muscle-head .. but he makes interesting t.v
sean is a loser
vecepia is too mary-j-blige meets erykah badu for her own good
paschal truly is a dirty old man

cathy will win the world cup because she doesn't wear bras with her bunk tits


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Re: MS Paint is God.

Originally posted by Dam That SnarkEE Kid
I made a comic to best express how Survivor worked, tonight.

-It's big and simple, like the Limo guy!-

LOL, that cracked me up... probably because i'm stoned :)

you've got way too much time on your hands...


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sean is jokes! ive loved him since the first episode. haha.......he made me howl last week jumping up and down acting like on of thos marquesis' dudes.

and i like neleh, but sean made fun of her and made me howl. going 'hi, look at me- i'm a finalist, hehe-
or something like that, i dunno.

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