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I seem to have misplaced...


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... the raving massive. I know it has something to do with the whistle crew, but just I can't figure out whether it's inside, or outside...


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I think you'll either have to check inside the venue or in the arena.

Well, wherever they are, I'm sure they're either holding it down or mashing it up.

And it's a given that they're brocking out somewhere...the question is where?

oh, and while you're out looking for the Massive, see if you can find All Crew...their mother wants to know what they want for dinner.


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the one like the raving massive can usually be found at the back.. not the middle, left, front or right.. but the back.
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i miss the horns. someone shoudl bring a horn to the next big jam. i love listening to old tapes and hearing whistles and horns.


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Ok, got it. I'll let you know if I find any of the aforementioned crews, and if they are brocking out, mashing it up, or any other such activities. Thank you very much for your assistance.
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whats wrong with you guys??

FRONT LEFT SPEAKER MAN!!! thats where to find anyone!
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