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I Saw Scorpion King

terrawrist III

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ever see ROCK doin' the usual rounds on the talk show circuit?

very articulate,witty,stylish ,and comical

he could very well be the biggest fucken sction star in the world right now

hogan is pissed

HHH is even more pissed

stone cold wishes he was rock...all true statements


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Well, anyway, if you added-up all the acting ability in this movie, you'd could create the equivalent of one Van Damme.

And there was a killer hottie in there, the "sorceress"... but waaaaaaaayyyy too little nudity. Like, none. Now that's disapointing.

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this did almost as bad as PAINT BY NUMBERS on rottentomatoes.com

maybe i'm easily influenced by popular culture but for the most part rottentomatoes has had pretty good picks on which movies to see and avoid


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The sorceress chick is on the cover of this month's Maxim:

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Originally posted by el presidente Highsteppa

From the ministry of exceptions: Ventura in Predator and Roddy Piper in They Live.

Prime Minister Highsteppa

How about Andre the Giant in Princess Bride?
He was pretty cool.