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I really don't know how to study.


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I don't think i ever have!!! It's really starting to concern me!!!!

I mean, maybe I DO know how to study, and just can't do it! I dont know what my problem is! *L* I just rely on my knowledge through the year to get me by during exams..

Any studying suggestions besides disconnecting cable and internet??




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I used to study with my musak blasting and ICQ running. My marks were sub-par.

Now, I have to be in the kitchen with the sun shining on my head, with the only possible noise being the fridge and the water cooler running. My marks are just above sub-par.

I don't think I know how to study as well. I just make notes of what I need to know, and just read. What is studying anyway? Memorizing? Understanding? Both?

I know that I don't know how to study, the marks are all the proofs I need.

Good luck on future exams.


**oh, and NEVER study in the library. Biggest mistake of my life. Distraction-o-rama!**
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Originally posted by MalGlo
i'm doing my part now in distracting laura for the final 2 hrs before her exam:)

Go team distractions! :D
Having fun is so much better than studying.
Besides, is it really gonna matter when you're 80?



part 2

don't just read aloud.....pretend you are trying to teach what you are reading.

-read to your kitty or dog
-turn of your instant messenger
-close tribe and all other message boards
-drink lots of juice and water
-take breaks (get fresh air)

:eek: :eek: :eek:


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Re: studying

Originally posted by sWack
read out loud when you study ....it works

:eek: :eek: :eek:

not surprisingly, absorbing the thoughts visually and orally can be pretty useful. Although you will definitely be on the receviign end of many dirty looks in the library, your ability to retain the informatin will be increased.

Studying tips:

*always go to the library!
*budget your time effectively and use incentives to make sure you stick to your plan
*don't try reading an entire textbook the night before an exam: rely on the notes you've presumably been taking all year. Your notes are the important, examinable materials.
* PRACTICE PAST EXAMS: it may be distasteful to look at a past exam and not know any of the answers but work through them, because you will notice patterns in the type and difficulty of the questions and it will only increase your speed on the actual exam


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I tried the whole "take notes, read them over" thing in a lquiet library. It actually works but it's a rare to find me actually doing that before an exam. I did it once but that's cuz research was involved.

I always study the night before an exam at about 10 or 11 pm.
Then I usually look over my noters on the train in the morning.

Last year, I actually took the text book out of its cellophane wrapper a day before the final exam. I got a 96. Go figure.


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make notes that summarize everything you need to know, and put all that information into some sort of coherant order.

read through those notes a couple times, reading out loud, then summarize them. and if need be, summarize them again.

right before you go into an exam, don't look at anything more detailed than the most summarized version of your notes so you don't confuse yourself and go haywire.

it's a lot of work, but it does work.
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alcohol ... the cause of and solution to all of life problems.

failing that, write down summary notes. going through all the material in detail is usually too much.

if you have access to old exams, definitely get your hands on those. and do them to completion whether you have to refer to your text/notes or not it will get you in the exam state of mind.

pay your prof/instructor a visit with a cool c-note ... see if that'll help.

music can help when doing excersises, but not while reading.

group studying can also be beneficial if you're with the right group and if you like studying with others.



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Re: part 2

Originally posted by sWack
-drink lots of juice and water
-take breaks (get fresh air)

:eek: :eek: :eek:

thats kind of what i said.. i suggested she forget studying, go outside and get some air and a latte!

Phat Albert

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I think it's important to study in an area with few to no distractions such as the library. I also find that lighting is also important. Study in a well lit area. I find sunlight to be ideal.

Know what you're studying for. I find the best way to do that is to take a look at past exams. If you go to U of T, you can access them at: http://eres.library.utoronto.ca/courseindex.asp. Profs who have taught the same course before do not like to venture far from previous formats or even questions for that matter. An old exam will tell you what your prof deems to be the essential material. Knowing this will allow you to specialize in a few key areas rather than having to know everything. You could have a very solid understanding of the material, but if you do not know how to attack the question you will not meet that potential. It also avoids those surprises when you read a question and curse at yourself for not having any idea how to answer it.

Also find out how you learn best, whether it be audio/visual i.e. in a lecture, or if you learn best by merely reading. I learn best when I read and then make condensed notes in my own words of the key subjects. Associate key words with a certain topic or sub-topic. When you recall that key word in your head during an exam, hopefully the material will come back to you.

I wish I had figured this out in first year. Hope this helps and good luck!