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I realized tonight.....

Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by TaCk OnE?, Mar 16, 2002.

  1. TaCk OnE?

    TaCk OnE? TRIBE Member

    that I still dance like a raver....haha.

    I mean, that's fine I suppose, and I used to be proud to be a good dancer, and would seek out circles, and reside at the spacious back section of parties.

    but at the age of 23.5 I think it's a little silly to be doing the super rave dance now a days....not only is it outdated, and somewhat inmature, people at clubs etc. these days don't really seem to be from that genre, or mind-set...so that only strengthens the strange feeling.

    thing is, I've danced like that for like 7 years, and granted, some of it's a little bit of a show, but a lot of it is how you interpret the music.

    I guess it's time to tone it down a bit...I mean, I'm not giving light shows, and busting wild kick-step routines, but it's still seems to be a bit outlandish for todays club-bop-and-nod style.

    anyone, comming from the same stand point?

    haha, usually only happens when beer and I meet up though....you know how it is.

    TaCk OnE LoVe
  2. swenard

    swenard TRIBE Member

    MY feet are cemented to the floor!

    I have cement shoes!
  3. Bumbaclat

    Bumbaclat TRIBE Member

    As long as you're not doing that silly "running on the spot" dance then do whatever makes you feel good. :)

  4. TaCk OnE?

    TaCk OnE? TRIBE Member

    who cares, Tack?

    if it ain't broke, don't fix it...raver or not, you look awesome when you dance :)


    heh heh...that wasn't Tack speaking to himself, he logged on to my computer and I forgot to log off before posting! just had to clear that up...

    Last edited: Mar 16, 2002
  5. junglisthead

    junglisthead TRIBE Member

    great another stiff on the floor

    do instead the jock, my pants are too tight and im a whitey dance

    youll fit right in
  6. air-bag

    air-bag TRIBE Member

    yeah tack you are awesome :) I *heart* watching you dance


    heh heh...oh sorry it is ali again.. i'm at airbag's place now... forgot to log him off... but .. u know.. i'm quite ExHAUSTED now.. i mean... it's airbag after all *wink wink*
    just had to clear that up... ;)

    Last edited: Mar 16, 2002
  7. Rosey

    Rosey TRIBE Member

    tack - where you at element last night when this revelation came to you?
  8. Plato

    Plato TRIBE Member

    ahahaha airbag! :D

    tack, it sounds to me like your maybe feeling a bit self concious, cause the majority of those around you dont dance the same way you do.

    thats no reason to try to change what comes naturally to you though. thats when you start looking like you cant dance at all, cause you would feel awkward.

    do you want to look like the drunken ginos who think they can dance!?

    besides, girls like good dancers, and even if your style isnt theirs they will recognize your ability and still want to mack you. :D

  9. shiftah

    shiftah TRIBE Member

    it sounds like you might just have to become accustomed to being a raver.
    (that is ofcourse, since you are?)

    just keep on dancin, and smiling -the rest will just fade out
  10. d.code

    d.code TRIBE Member

    Dancing is a great form of expression.

    What is rave dancing exactly though?
    Define club dancing- and you find your self with a very small rather bland boring sentence (unless you happen to be drunk) "Bouncing with out trying to spill your drink".

    I say groove how your heart or body tells you too.

  11. SE7EN

    SE7EN TRIBE Member

    this is funny shit. I was just thinking about this the other day.

    rave dancing requires space, and absorbent, loose fitting clothing. you own a spot. you make very good use of the 3 dimensional space in that spot. your arm and leg movements are fast and powerful, and it requires a lot of energy - over a few hours this kind of dancing will completely destroy your quads and calves. you will lose 10lbs (of water) by the time you get home. you will have sore legs and ass for a few days afterward.

    club dancing is just grooving and shuffling your feet. there's nothing more to it.

    TaCk: you're right in that it seems like there are less people representing properly on the floor. younger folk usually end up g'd out and sitting down, and older people don't seem to be able to get past the groove and shuffle. fierce, tight dancing is just another old school memory. but if you feel like losing it ever, just let it go.....

  12. Tell me about it :(. Not the yungun I used to be.

    From the Ministry of but then again, it's rare that I hear the music that drives me nuts these days in dj's sets.

    Prime Minister Highsteppa
  13. SE7EN

    SE7EN TRIBE Member

    I say rage against geezerdom.

    fight the shuffle now!

  14. depraved

    depraved TRIBE Member

    In "clubland", it always raises my spirits when I see dance stylez of somebody with a proper party background -- makes me fell not quite so surrounded. Keep on smilin & dancin. Conformity is over-rated. :)
    - Greg
  15. nusty

    nusty TRIBE Member

    last night I was at my girlfriends formal, I had a great time but realized quite quickly that one (1) I have not been to a normal persons' event (one that ends at 1am rather than just getting started) and two (2) that there is no hope in hell of me being able to dance to top 40 tracks or country without trying to liquid (joking on the liquid part, but still.... you can get the picture). The Dj actually did play some electronic that would normally have me dancing my ass off, but judging by the way everyone in the room was dancing like drunk white guys (well the drunk white guys anyways) I figured last night would not be the night to wow them with my dancing skills. ;) It would have been great to see the looks on their drunk faces though! lol hehehe :D

    I still had a great time.

    Last edited: Mar 16, 2002
  16. :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

    Fromt the Ministry of a start.

    Prime Minister Highsteppa
  17. CC

    CC TRIBE Member

    i think that some people dance like tools with no sense of rythme and should keep their movements to as small of a motion as possible.....

    ....myself included...

    there was a day when i was good, but then i became an alcoholic.

  18. mystique0217

    mystique0217 TRIBE Member

    who cares?
    let's go dancing with me sometime!

    "there aint too many people who dances even they are like sweatie piggie.lol"

    -Kumi <-maybe i am just gross. lol but i do not care :D
  19. kerouacdude

    kerouacdude TRIBE Member

    well, as long as you're conscious and respectful of other people's space...i always find it annoying when someone gets their own little private area in a crowded club coz they got their arms flailing about
  20. noisy

    noisy TRIBE Member

    I was in a similar situation a few months ago, where I found myself in crowded cheesy bar in the club district filled entirely with about 300 drunken law students who had just just finished their exams. They tend to be a rather conservative bunch, whose tastes gravitate towards the mainstream. I don't say this to insult them, some of them are among my dearest friends, but just to give some context. The music was an awful mix of cheesy rnb. Later in the night, the DJ (I use the term loosely) started playing some electronic that would normally have me rolling my eyes and stalking petulantly from the dance floor. But given the environment I was in, I realized that it would probably be my only opportunity that evening to actually dance.

    People were dancing in little circles, generally doing an off-beat shuffle, except for a few particularly drunk female members of the class who were doing the hoochie dance (you know, butt thrust backward, chest thrust forward, winding in concentric circles). Most of my friends were huddled in a quiet corner, trying to avoid the intoxicated madness. I made my way alone onto the floor and started dancing the way I would anywhere else. I was the only person who wasn't dancing in a group. The people around me actually stopped and stared. I don't know if it was because I had the gall to dance alone or because I was actually moving in a way that, if continued for any length of time, would result in working up an unattractive sweat.

    The way I dance is not very exciting or flashy, and takes little space (and I don't do liquid or quickstep or any of those other "rave" dances), but you'd think I was flying around the room doing backflips by the expressions on their faces. Then they started dancing again and just took a quick peek at me from time to time. Anyway, it was fucking hilarious. It takes very little to send some of my classmates into a thoroughly amusing tizzy.

    But, I move the way that feels natural for me, I'm not about to change it, it would take the fun out of dancing. Before I started partying, I dreaded dancing. I concentrated on trying to dance like everybody else, the way I moved was restained and self-conscious, it wasn't fun at all. One valuable lesson I learned from partying is that allowing yourself to lose your inhibitions and just let go to music is very liberating AND tons of fun. I'm not going to let go of that.
  21. skyparty

    skyparty TRIBE Member

    my response to that is

    there was a day when i was good, but then i became a bar-hoe.

    but naw really, i still break out the partying styles now and then.... but i dont have the energy to do it anymore!!!

    its hard to go a few hours hardcore
    that and it's very rare that i can get down hardcore anymore...

    seldomly does the music impress me that much
    unless i haven't seen it spun in a while.....

    i don't get out much to party anymore...
    and i tend to socialize more and dance less
    and the music becomes more and more foreign to me as i hear it less and less....

    im so sick of hearing the same dance tunes played at the bars here- the ones that were good 2 years ago? oh god HELP!!!

    i got made fun of hardcore last tuesday while bustin it up to some good dance music (guest dj at the skid bar) and boy i jsut felt like "you dont understand.... you dont know what this music does to me inside...you arent feeling the music...." they were so rude, making fun of me all night.... all because of the way i was dancin. i was feeling so out of place....

    i looked around, and wish there was ONE friggin person who understood where i was at in my head at that time....

    oh well... i kept my eyes on the dj, and smiled and kept dancin.... he later came up to me and thanked me for my support of his tune selection--- we talked for a bit-- and ya... hes no superstar dj, but he could mix, didnt trainwreck once, and kept me dancin :D

    fuck them who think dancing to the hip is the way to go.
    bring it on.

    that and i'll wreck them on any slutty r&b tune.

    fuckin bitches.

    narissa :)
  22. skyparty

    skyparty TRIBE Member

    damn straight!

    narissa :)
  23. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I just lose myself in the music if its good, and sometimes I'll find myself dancing with eyes shut when the groove gets really steady.

    I dunna care if I'm good or bad or whatever.....I'm not there to impress people, I'm just there to go off with the rest of the people who are about the music and don't give a fuck.
  24. SE7EN

    SE7EN TRIBE Member

    these new stories about being in a bar surrounded by rythmless white boys from rural areas add another dimension to this discussion: versatility and context sensitivity.

    I'd say at any kind of club or events where dance music and dancing is the focus, you should murder the dancefloor any way you see fit. if people are not dancing, or if they are all just shuffling their feet like penguins, it has nothing to do with you: if you can dance, no matter how old you are, it's your responsibility to help the event's vibe to reach it's maximum potential, so you need to lead by example.

    but at weddings, bars, random pub nights, yadda yadda yadda, where all different kinds of music get played and a random "good time" is the focus, it is different. your responsibility is to contribute, do a sloppy shuffle, or at least make sure you know how to jump up and down, pump your fist in the air while holding a pint, nod your head alot, say "yeah!!!!" really loud every so often etc., etc. you do not do this to conform or anything. you do it to respect that kind of drunken "hockey game" vibe - you'd kill the vibe in a place like the peel pub if you started dancing to top40 freestyle or rock as if you are at a rave.

  25. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I'm the same way.
    I've also punched a few people in the face while dancing with my eyes closed.

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