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I need Toronto help


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So growing up on a farm we don't need buses, except the yeller ones I took to school!

I'm getting into Toronto tonight around midnight-ish and need to get in the vicinity of the Opera House from the Greyhound Station. Which bus/streetcar should i take? Or should I just cab it?

Please don't make fun of my ignorance as I am extremely fragile!
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If you walk south on bay to queen (or take the bay bus two stops if you're lazy), then catch the streetcar going eastbound and ask the driver to tell you when he gets to broadview. The opera house is just past broadview on the south side of queen.


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Thank you lucky1 You rock!

Eccentric if that is your real name? You have to meet me under the overpass if you want zoomers

Eccentric (LRG)

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Funzo, if that is your real simpsons character......
I can't I'm stuck in kingston.:(
Save me some zoomers... we'll meet half way on jan 17th to alaska.....

if you DARE.... muah ha ha ha
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Hey Funzo... in big cities it is customary when you get on public transit to ask if anyone wants to join you in some bukakke... don't forget to do that, you don't want to start off on the wrong foot on your first day in the big smoke.
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