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I need some ideas where to start...


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... searching or who to ask or maybe some of you know and are able to answer this question.

My mother is dying and I am sure everybody here knows that. My family back home want her to fly home and if she's dying, at least she should be dying in her native land, not alone here. Some of my family members also believe that they could save her and well... even if that's hard to believe, at least being around her family and friends (she had nobody here, no friends, no family) will give her a little more courage to fight.

Anyhow, we want to fly her home, but the problem is, would the airline have an issue with her being so sick on the plane? If I go with her, will they be okay?
Any suggestions where to look for this information, or any suggestions whatsoever.

I love my mother more than anything and I just want to grand her Christmas wish.
Thanks guys.
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:( If it's a terminal illness, I can't see the airline preventing her from flying. Alone or with you.

:( Hope things get easier with time Jo!



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Damn, I would call an airline agency and ask if I were you.

God forbid, but if she does happen to pass away on the plane, it might cause a bit of panic. I know that's your last worry but I dunno... just a thought.

wish I could help.

G'luck either way.


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I'm sure someone here can/will direct you to the proper info. on that. I sure hope there wouldn't be an issue b/c of her illness.
I sure hope you can make this happen! Best wishes to you! :)


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I hope so too, I just... I don't know who to call and since I haven't bought the ticket yet, whether every airline is different... or maybe there is a web site that has general information about this.

Either way, I need to make this wish come true, no matter what.
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Most likely every airline would be different.
I would call the one you're looking at booking with.

They should have no problem giving you the information.
Especially with your situation.

Is she on an IV and/or does she require a medical professional to travel with her and hospital gurney?

I recall an employee talking about how he had to do this with his wife, and those were two considerations that he mentioned as being important for the airline to know. He had to provide them info relating to his wife's condition and even got bereavement fares (severely discounted) for the both of them, as they considered it bereavement fare based on imminent death. He also got a discount fare on the way back, after he had to come back to work - then again when he had to go to her funeral. I'd call the airline directly to find out what your options are.

Really, I don't see why it would be a problem, unless she can't be seated during the flight (require a hospital gurney and attendant). Even then, I'm sure considerations can be made.

Best of luck killalady - I'm sure she appreciates all you're doing for her.


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I know this is a very delicate and appropriately sensitive matter, I’m sure privacy and discretion is of the utmost importance. I was however thinking that perhaps contacting a high profile community member, even a personality like “Peterman” etc with your story, then maybe there would be less likely of an airline denying your rightful request if they were to fear public rebuttal.

Good luck and May the coming times be delivered to you all peacefully.
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I think it is really wonderful that you are bringing her back home. Environment has a profound effect on ones ability to cope with illness, although it cannot change the course of the disease I'm sure it will do wonders for her spirit.



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That's what I believe as well. I also think that if she was back home, this disease would have taken a different toll, but I want to... I NEED to believe that this will make a difference.

She doesn't have IV, although she will soon need it because she hasn't eaten in 3 weeks and she's in a really bad shape because of that.
DIWC, do you think that a travel agent will be able to help me with that, who did that coworker contact?


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I used to work for Canadian airlines, and there should be no problem with flying. You will have to provide all medical info, if the airline you fly with is anything like how Canadian used to be they will make every effort to assist you and make the flight and easy as possible.

If your mother is not immobile, make sure she flies as a wheelchair passenger. When there is a medical or wheelchair passenger there is special instruction relayed to all the staff working on the flight (ground and air).

good luck
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"Stretcher service: Stretchers can be accommodated on most Air Canada aircraft. 48 hours notice is required and special charges apply. "
K-lady - British Airways offers trips to where you need to go - they can accommodate the IV/gurney and they will give you the cost of the ticket as if you booked it 7 days in advance (regardless of when you travel, they'll back-date it to give you the lowest fare available). 1-800-247-9297 *however* their flights with the 7 day discount are about 1800+106 (taxes). The info I gave you in the pm is the cheapest so far and by a lot.

I can't even get a number for the dickheads at Air Canada (nevermind, I found it). heh.

Can't think of any other flight operators other than KLM and BA who would get you there via the most direct flights?


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Just be aware that the actual flight can be quite overwhelming to someone who is very sick.

My grandmother who at the time was fairly healthy (although very old) was on a flight from the UK back to Toronto and she fell ill mid-flight and became unconcious. They had to land early at a different airport and have an ambulance waiting to treat her.

Cheers ... Ian :)


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Wow... thank you so much.

Everything it's saved in a document, and I will call them as soon as I get home.

Hmm, British, Airfrance could be another one... KLM...
I don't know about Air Canada.
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Check your pm's - all the info you'll need is there.

And I was mistaken about the EI benefits, they go into effect January 4th, (not the first) but I'm not sure if your situation can wait that long either way.

Regardless, here's the link. http://www.hrdc-drhc.gc.ca/ae-ei/menu/faq/compassionate_care.shtml

And for anyone else who might be interested, people who require time off work to take care of a relative who is "gravely ill with a significant risk of death" will be eligible for EI benefits effective January 4th, 2004. Pretty amazing change to EI, if you ask me.


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I just started a new job... so I only have 120 hours so far, so I can't apply for that.
As for all the info in the PM, that will definitely help me continue my research.

Thanks so much, you've been my Angel.