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I need more tribe help


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I'm really starting to wonder if I'm going to find a better deal for a vacation for march break, so far cheapest for a 3+ star place all inclusive to cuba or dominican is about 1200 tax in. I was planning on looking about 3 days before the day I wanted to go and find something last minute (its only me and my gf going) and i figured it should be pretty easy. Now some people at work are saying because its march break theres no way I'm gonna find anything better than $1200. I wanted to know what you people think..........
thanks in advance........


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My girl was able to pull up stuff for under a grand on expedia.ca to the Dominican. I told her to look at itravel2000.com and selloffvacations.com........seems expedia had the cheapest prices.

Wanna double date?

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I think you could probably do better for Cuba, but probably not Dominican.

Also, remember to subtract a star from most Cuban hotels to get more of an accurate picture of what they're like.
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dude its march break. it's gonna be busy and resorts will be jacking up prices too

also dont go for anything less then a 4star. i went to a 3.5 when i went to dominican and i couldnt eat anything. all i had was bread and burgers when i was drunk but the burgers were littered with hard grizzly parts....

personally i wouldnt go away march break. maybe im getting old but everyone running around, yelling, being stupid... too much for me. i want to relax and enjoy my vacation...


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Originally posted by terrawrist III
there may be something that rhymes with mexstacy in it for you

yea...but only if you are willing to mule it there before getting on the plane~
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I actually dont have a choice of when I get to go on vacation, my gf is a teacher and so its either high season or no vacation................so........i think we've actually decided to wait and hope for the best for something last minute.........gah, wish us luck =)