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I need INFO...pleeeeeeze :)


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Hello Techno freaks, I need some help. I'm leaving on Monday for two months, and I need to find an awesome event this weekend to party with my girls+boys! If you know of any Techno/Elektro/Breaks/DnB events in T. this weekend, please let me know.



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Doesn't seem like there's too much happening this weekend.

The only thing i've heard about is one of those rave thing's. Not sure where, but Mr. Alan Oldham (DJ T-1000) is playing.

..and don't forget about tonite at Element. :D

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T-1000 is playing at the Energy Nation party on Saturday. Details are in the Upcoming Events Forum. It's a three-room party with a fairly monkey hard trance/NRG/techno lineup. I'm actually pretty excited about it.


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well i'm not sure it will be a good "party" but, for some interesting music, kid 606 is playing tonight at the tequila lounge..


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what the f..k kid606 is playing tonite, and I'm just finding out about.

Who's bringing him in, and what's the cover?




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the reason that you don't know about it is because it is being presented by a non-techno promoter.. dan burke of the el mocambo.
tickets are a mere $8 in adveance and probably only $10 at the door...
tequila lounge is on the north west corner of bloor and bathurst

Destro Sanchez

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phone me...

Im might be spinnin at a house party tonight...

>>hiphop electro reggae techno 80s pop etc....

give me a ring if you want to stop by the party

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