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I need an accountant for my income tax issues


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Anyone have a recommendation, affordable and good?

I have "done" my taxes using an computer program for a long time and had no issues. I was unable to work and on income replacement then came back to work and somehow I owe thousands for the last few years.

You can PM me or post contact info in this thread.


doodle slax

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Ms. VIP 647-460-2105
She has done my taxes for 20+ years, so she is experienced and professional, plus her rates are very competitive. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
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Ramesar & Associates

Ramesar & Associates CA Professional Corporation

Roberto, the president, is a good friend of mine and many here on Tribe. He can sort you out with the special Tribe members rate (I made that up ... but I'm sure he'll help out a fellow Triber). He's based out of Burlington but most likely everything can be done remotely for you.
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