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i need a new neck


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I've got a stiff neck and pain that won't go away (5 days now).

What's the best way to get it fixed? I've been avoiding the chiropractor since I'm very skeptical about them.
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I need a new back. Reinjury of disks in the lumbar area crippled me last week-end. The Advils, they do nothing.


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try some yoga... it helps me, stretching out the muscles in your back helps realign your spine which can greatly reduce neck pain. Just start with some light stretches in your neck and back and then follow up with a massage.... mmm mmm good.
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get neck rings



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There are these bean bag things: cloth bags filled with flax seed that you can get at some health stores like "The Massage Store".

Pop it in the microwave for 3 minutes and it holds heat for like 30 minutes - excellent heating pad thingy. Re-usable and excellent.

A good shiatsu should work too


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I just went through this for 6weeks with a pinched nerve!
get a massage, and one of those beanbag things that you put in the microwave.
I'm telling you, that thing helped me out bigtime!


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Originally posted by littlenutty
try some yoga... it helps me, stretching out the muscles in your back helps realign your spine which can greatly reduce neck pain. Just start with some light stretches in your neck and back and then follow up with a massage.... mmm mmm good.

I've been stretching and massaging everyday...it helps relieve some tension, but the pain is still present.
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I need new ribs. I ahe seriously bruised mine. Hard tiem sleeping. Yawnign, laughing and coughing are out of th equestion.


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A massage therapist will treat the symptoms (muscular pain), a chiropractor would better address the underlying biomechanical cause (if there is one). But by loosening up muscles that may be in spasm through massage, the structural cause will be easier to treat. As such both approaches would be complementary.


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Sorry to hear about your neck... neck pain is the WORST!! Every time you forget that your neck hurts and suddenly turn your head to look at something.... anyway....

I've been working with Thai massage for a few years now and I haven't found any other treatment to be as effective as it is. Here's some info.. if you have any questions feel free to PM me.


What is Thai Massage?

Traditional Thai Massage has been practised in its current form for more than
1000 years. It is a member of the whole family of Oriental Bodywork. Other
members of this family include Shiatsu, Ki Massage, Ayurvedic Massage and
Tui Na Chinese Massage.
The influence of Yoga is also apparent as the recipient is often stretched in
traditional Yoga stances. Thai Massage is often referred to as yoga for lazy
The words flowing and rhythmic exactly describe the essence of Thai
Massage, with its sequence of unhurried presses, stretches and twists. Nuances
of tempo and pressure seem endless and one technique dissolves into another
with total smoothness and harmony.
Thai Massage is performed on a floor mat, rather than on a raised table. Mat
work allows for maximum effective use of the practitioners balanced body
weight, rather than the mere muscular force used in other types of massage.
Thai Massage is not a quickie toning of the muscles and loosening of the joints.
It is a comprehensive, whole body massage which benefits nearly all parts of the

Therapeutic Benefits of Thai Massage

The three main components of Thai Massage are palm presses, pressure points
along the Sen (energy lines of the body) and stretching.
Palm pressures release the tension in the myofascia (outer layer) of the muscle,
breaking down built-up fibrotic tissues and stimulating the production of new
elastic fibres, which increases the overall flexibility of the muscle.
Pressure points along the Sen promote healthy energy and blood circulation.
Finally, the stretching component of the massage opens the body up and has
the effect of both relaxing and energizing. The stretching movements affect the
entire body. They increase flexibility, and release tension at all levels. The
stretching movements complement the working of energy lines and pressure
points so that together, Thai Massage becomes a superior, whole body
Regular Thai Massage treatments comprehensively restore balance within and
between functional groups of muscles to ease pain, increase flexibility and
improve posture.

Who can benefit from Thai Massage?

Just about anyone!

Anyone who is physically very active.
Sustained application of pressure allows the muscles to soften while
progressive stretches help re-establish flexibility. Joint rotations increase
their range of motion.

People in professions of high stress: stock brokers, attorneys, doctors,
nurses, teachers,mothers.
The sustained application of pressure relaxes the sympathetic nervous
system helping to bring the circulation of energy back into balance.

People who have difficulty exercising or don?t exercise on their own.
Thai massage can be considered a form of assisted yoga. By helping the
client to stretch, muscle flexibility is regained and range of joint motion
increased. The circulation of energy is also enhanced.
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find a good osteopath. miracle workers, i swear to god. they will probably recommend that you start getting therepeutic massage as well, because--as deep said--it makes treatment a lot easier if the muscles are loosened up a bit.

oh, and get one of those good funny-shaped pillows, that support your neck. they feel GREAT if you sleep on your side or your back.

and last thing: focus on keeping your head up and your neck straight. i think that a lot of people tend to jut their chins out and keep their heads forward, leading to bad posture and a lot of pain.


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I'm not sure about whats best in the short term.

Long term prevention wise, both yoga and ab/lower back strengthening programs are really great methods.
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Originally posted by deep
A massage therapist will treat the symptoms (muscular pain).

ohhh my god SO not true. deep! you have no idea how much it's been crammed into my head at school that a good rmt will never just treat the symptoms. if someone comes in with a sore neck, a good RMT isn't just going to rub it hoping it'll feel better.

RMTs -should- have the ability to isolate and pinpoint the exact cause/source of the pain through various forms of testing (that pain in your neck might actually be a chain reaction from tight hamstrings... who knows). infact, often RMTs are better at finding out the true cause of the problem more than doctors/chiropractors because often the cause is not detectable via x-ray or other means, but just simply requires a lot of investigation and palpation of the affected area (which rmts have a -lot- more time to do with their clients, and have a lot more time to just talk with them). Infact, from what i've been hearing from my instructors and other RMT's...quite often a diagnosis from a chiropractor or doctor is WAAAAAAAY off until an RMT can do that extra investigation and truely isolate and treat the cause.

while i agree the best possible method to recovery is to combine a variety of therapies forsure, and agree that massage therapy does have its limitations (ie. you can't get an x-ray from a massage therapist).....to say massage therapy only treats the symptoms is grossly inaccurate.

massage therapy is a LOT more than just rubbing muscles. an intricate knowledge of massage's effects on the brain/nervous system/cardiovascular system/lympathc system as well as the muscular system allows a properly trained RMT to stimulate the body in a variety of ways to SPECIFICALLY target and treat the cause of the problem, not just to rub you to feel better. in my school the vaaaaaaaaast majority of the time spent is learning about treatments for hundreds of disorders, diseases, injuries, etc...

bboyrds... dun listen to tools like DJ Cluster. If i were you, since it doesn't sound like an injury issue, i'd check out an RMT first, and they'll be able to assess if it's simply a soft tissue issue or if they'll need to ship you off to a chiropractors.



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easy teens, I wasn't disparaging massage therapy. :) Of any therapeutic modality it helped me the most with the soft tissue injuries I've had. And it is true that people have a misconception of massage therapy as simply being relaxing, and not actually getting at the root of the problem. Stuff like fascial release is very much about fixing things more than it is about feeling good. The last sentence I hoped tried to point out that a variety of techniques can help to alleviate the problem from all possible directions.


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didn't u see captain defensive tattooed on my forehead?

just wanted to clear up any misconceptions. most people just don't realize the vast theraputic benefits of massage.

if I was massage therapy, your statement would have hurt my feelings and made me feel inadequate.

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after some thought I have determined that I may have hurt it while moving a huge printer on friday.

thanks for the help everyone. I think I'll start with massage therapy.