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I.N.I - idm / abstract electronics / electro mix - 01.01.04


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(I.N.I posting this)

This starts around 78 bpm and then picks up to around 100 bpm or so half-way through. Tempo changes throughout the mix at times as well. Some heavy, moody, dark (as well as uplifting) abstrakt and atmospheric IDM / experimental electro bizzness. Enjoy :cool:


KiloWatts - Thorns (feat Mike Richter & Coconono) - [unsigned]
Chris Clark - Shonny - [warp]
lusine icl - cascade - [hymen]
[meam - meam #8 - untitled] - [skam]
lusine icl - rushhour - [hymen]
Kilowatts - B Sprouts First Fight - [unsigned]
Hermann and Kleine - headlights - [morr music]
Chris Clark - Rob Lee - [warp]
Adam Johnson - Captain Wood - [merck]
Solvent - a panel of experts (lowfish remix) - [morr music]
Chris Clark - Wolf - [warp]
Esem - cee - [merck]
Brothomstates - kava - [warp]
Esem - eloki.neadu - [de:focus]
Radioactive Man - fed-ex to munchen - [RGC - (Rotters Golf Club)]
Adam Johnson - Autopop - [merck]
Chris Clark - Gob Coitus - [warp]
Esem - alipe lacks - [merck]
Hermann and Kleine - shuttle - [morr music]
Limp - night clouds - [morr music]
Brothomstates - Brothomstates Vs Bill Yard - [warp]


Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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wicked fucking mix! did you mix this, alex?

the first track reminds me of radiohead. so good!

The Truth

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good to see lots of WARP tracks..one the best techno labels ever...after being a fan for over a decade, I just found out this week that WARP is actually an acronym for We Are Reasonable People!!

Destro Sanchez

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yo INI (love the name)

downloading right now (91% complete)

review to follow.

the last mix was evil at highspeeds, this one (by tracklisting alone) sounds eerie at lowspeeds :D

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Destro Sanchez

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I had it playing while doing some tings around the haus. Great bkgd music. (read: home mix)

my computer speakers don't do it justice....it would sound great on a rainy day in headphones and boxers. (you know thoze dayz, where you phone in sick to work and masturbate 6+ times...you know....youuuuu knooooow...:p)

gunna check out some of yer DnB mixes.

a refreshing mix, thanks.



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This is the first time I think I've ever heard Solvent in a mix. Nice one.. liking the mix, but not really giving it my full attention on this first listen.
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