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I Love Techno 2007


TRIBE Member
The full line-up is out for this year!

Saturday, 10 November - Flanders Expo, Gent
Tickets €43+fee presale, €48 at the door

Blue Room
20:00 Monica Electronica
22:00 Simian Mobile Disco (live)
23:00 Dr. Lectroluv
00:30 Digitalism (live)
01:30 Ellen Allien
03:00 Miss Kittin & The Hacker (live)

Green Room
20:00 Electronmike vs. Bernd Isaac
21:30 Felix Kröcher
23:30 Sven Wittekind (live)
00:30 Rush
02:30 Marco Remus
04:30 DJ Ghost

Orange Room
19:30 Cosy Mozzy
21:30 Klaxons (live)
22:30 Boys Noize
00:30 Goose (live)
01:30 Erol Alkan
03:30 Justice (live)
04:30 Felix da Housecat

Red Room
21:00 Len Faki
23:00 Redshape (live)
00:00 Adam Beyer
02:00 Dave Clarke
04:00 British Murder Boys

Switch Video Room
22:30 Mathew Johnson (live)
03:30 Gui Boratto (live)
Plus this area is used to play streaming video of the headliners

Yellow Room
19:00 2000 and One
21:00 Trentemøller (live)
22:00 Stephan Bodzin
23:30 Underworld (live)
01:30 Marco Bailey
03:00 Ben Sims
04:30 Technasia (DJ set)

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room
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kate manus

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OhNo! said:
i love techno?

alot of really wack shit in that lineup.
yeah, I find in recent years especially some of bookings seem a bit strange for an ILT party... but anywayz... since I will probably only be in one or two rooms all night (red room for the last few DJs) I'll get my techno fix. I'm going more for the 'event' than the lineup.
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We're going to give this year a pass since Underworld aren't playing, I've pretty much seen everyone else that I would like to see, and we have somewhere to be at noon on Sunday anyway.

Kate: I hope you guys have a great time! Don't forget to bring a bunch of coins to make getting in/out of the toilets faster (it's €0,50 per go).

kate manus

TRIBE Member
thanks! should be fun indeed.
And I know the drill about the $$... that seemed to be the norm at a lot of big parties/festivals we went to this year.