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i love school


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in smarch i have the following on my schedule: 4 midterm exams, 2 regular assignments, 2 regular tests, 3 pre labs / lab reports, 3 group reports, 2 in-class group projects, 1 goup presentation

go engineering and business combined!
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i wrote 17 tests today, then i had to shovel gravel for 12 hours while my professors took turns urinating on me. i have to figure out cold fusion by friday.


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Yeah - second semester is ALWAYS rough. But at least the month(march) will go by super fast and then it's spring! Woooo!
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school is easy

its all about faking random pscyological disorders to get extensions

Try telling your professor that you terits syndrome has been flaring up and that you need some more time in the editing process for it.

Ensure to end you dicussion with the proff with " shit, dick, cocksucker, pussy, dumb fuck honkey shit piss ant" to add an air of authenticity to it



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^^^Haha, my friend is epileptic and he said the same thing. Says he loves having a disability cos he doesn't have to hand his work in on time


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oh. i thought you were for serious.

i love school. it's way better than working, considering i've worked full time office jobs since the age of 19. this is the first time in six years that i've worked flexible hours and gone to school.

midterms, presentations and papers are still WAY better than working 40 hours a week.


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Originally posted by Pyrovitae

midterms, presentations and papers are still WAY better than working 40 hours a week.


Except I'm doing both. However I'm enjoying school this time around. And plan to finish school this time around.
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if you can survive an engineering degree, you can survive anything.

seriously, to date, i haven't encountered anything as difficult and challenging and tiring and frustrating and and and as completing my engineering degree.

good luck!


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we just finished up the first midtermlast week and now when we get back we are starting the second midterm test right away.
- 3 assignments due
- 3 pre labs due
- 3 formal report due
- write 2 TLM's online thats due this friday. ( And i haven't even read the chapter yet on it. BJT Amplifiers )
- 5 midterms AGAIN..!!

This semester is the worst of what i get.. failing one class out of 9 this semester..



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I have a thesis 50 to 100 pages to write by the end of the term. I should get started on that...


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You don't need to fake any aillments for extensions. I was forced to see a counsellor at my school, and I now have immunity over any due date. I go see him, tell him what's what, he sends a note to whichever teacher and I'm laughing all the way to the bar. I haven't used this yet, but I might need to test it out before I graduate.
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don't get me started on non-existant deadlines and negotiable grades. grrrrr....

*teacher perspective*