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I Love Acid - A TB Dedication Mix


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A mix celebrating the unmitigated joy that was I Love Acid. Containing ILA resident's tracks and ILA guests from over the years.

If i was a digital DJ it would be a lot longer and a lot more varied, but the constraints of vinyl mean i can only play what I have.

Anyway..some moments of squelchy joy...

Thanks to Josh for putting it on..and all those who played and attended.

Listen here - https://soundcloud.com/placid_88/i-love-acid-tb-dedication-mix

Artists including
Mark Archer
Ben Sims
Affie Yusuf
Automatic Tasty
Luke Vibert
Matt Whitehead
Paul Mac - not sure if it was with Vince Watson or not
Global Goon
A Guy Called Gerald

As usual, done in one hit on 2x1210's
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room

Aaron Bradley

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Acid by Placid... neat! got it going now for about 20 minuets and it is awesome. Looking forward to hearing the last track!