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I just heard UNDERWOLRD live!!


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So I'm hanging out here at my house tonight.. by lady friend has just come over and I get this phone call. All I here on the other end is what sounds to me like crazy techno.. and really really loud....
So I hear on the other end someone saying, TONY TONY... so I thought it was one of my drunk guy friends calling to harass me.. so I hung up.

The phone rings again and I tell me roommate to answer the phone and tell him I wasn't here...

The phone rings again and I was like "ok I'll answer it now", and I hear the same music... and I'm like "hey whats up".... I hear this voice say "dude it's BENZ".
So I realize that it's my friend greg, and I know that currently he's in Miami, so I'm all pumped...

So I'm like "hey man how's it going. What are you doing right now?"... hey says " Tony we are watching UNDERWORLD play right now!!!!We called you to listen to them!!"

So I proceeded to hear most of "2 months off" and he hung up.

10 minutes later he calls me back as they are breaking into King of Snake...hear most of that.

another 10 minutes later I get the call to hear "Born Slippy".... and good christ they have added some fucking crazy new bassline ...

that made my night.. and knowone I know would know who I'm talking about... so I'm coming here... I wanted to share..

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A similar thing happened to me.
I called Air-bag while he was at the Radiohead concert at Molson Park but I had forgotten he was there..

I guess he slammed his phone on by mistake in the front pocket of his cell-holder on his bag strap cuz it answered. All I heard were people screaming as a song ended..

Then a familiar sound... it was the beginning of Exit Music to a Film!!!!! My favourite Radiohead song!!! I sat on my porch smoking in the hot night, listening to Radiohead..
And the phone hung up exactly at the end of the track...

It was amazing.


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Haha, I totally can't figure out if that's sarcastic or not.

I wanna hear Born Slippy now.
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psst ... nobody listens to techno

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I take it you didn't go to the Underworld show in Toronto a few months back?
Best concert EVER!!!

My friend called me from Miami to tell me he was at the Vivid party watching pornstars fuck.... that was pretty cool.

on another note, I just finally got born slippy on vinyl. that god for re-press'.
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Originally posted by lostintheEhole

that made my night.. and knowone I know would know who I'm talking about... so I'm coming here... I wanted to share..

Er, yeah...and some of us -saw- them live a while back.

I'm sorry, I don't understand your excitement. It's not like Underworld never tour.