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I just got a pool!


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In my driveway, backyard, basement and everywhere else! wholly F! it started rainning here about 20 minutes ago and I've heard the emergency sirens going since aobut 10 minutes ago non-stop! The road in front of my house has water up to wheel wells of my car (honda CRV) and cats are being swept down the street with small children! (ok no cats...)

I thought it would be our typical storm down here that lasts 5 minutes at most of hard rain fall. but no.
Anyway, I gotta go make sure my car is still here.


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it just slowed down a bit now. its "supposed" to keep raining off and on like this all night and through some of tomorrow.
the basement isn't actually that bad. There was only one small puddle in one area that I've already cleaned up. and yeah, there is house insurance anyway but I doubt it will be needed.
I thought it was funny when I looked outside and saw the roads over flowing into people driveways and lawns. I'm two blocks away from the Passic river, so that doesn't really help much either, but its way down and has a few feet to go before it overflows. It should all be good.
My cat is hiding under my desk at my feet right now from the thunder. :(


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I just enjoyed an impromptu wet t-shirt contest on 5th Ave in front of the New York Public Library...go rain!


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my basement flooded yesterday
it really sucked, we have a giant dryer thing drying the carpet now
its loud and damn annoying
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