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I just found my old home made highschool BONG on the internet.


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So remember the fun days of highschool?

lockers, binders, taking notes and making bongs in the back of history class out of a penshaft, water bottle and cable peice.

Ahh the hayday. Now back then i was delving into webdesign aswell and took it upon myself to build a website that teaches all the great different ways to build a bong out of McGyver like supplies. This website was posted on a weed search engine called yahooka.com

One of these bongs i created out of a milk choco bottle (the brown moojuice sqeezeable bottle), a pen and anything for a bowl.


This is said bong. Photographed by me. THAT'S MY FUCKING HAND!

now unfortunately, i dont have a digital camera to take a DIFFERENT picture of that bong... but i DO still have it.. and for you skeptics out there, here's a rough scan of said bong.

i guess it was just more of a shocker than anything else to find my childhood B on the net.... i feel somewhat violated. but at the same time.. i DID make it to a top10 list.

here's the link http://www.420times.com/420lounge/420topten/botm/102000.shtml

now im off to findout where else this bong has wandered on the internet.

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sweet.. i have a similar experience when i'm oot and aboot - i see my damn fonts (.TTFs) all over the place. magazines, records, print ads, flyers... all over. i guess i'm glad i killed a few hours as a kid making those things though i still don't understand why anyone would use 'em...



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