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I Just Bought A Suit


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Oh La La
I feel kinda old / mature now
I just bought my very first suit
Well I guess I've had suits before ... but I've never bought one with my own cash
Yea I'm actually kinda excited

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Das leiderhosen ischt mashup!



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i bought my last suit with CASH

it was pretty fucked

i walk in, ask the guy to help me pick out a nice suit

i tell him i need it asap so it has to be hemmed asap as well

and i hand him a handful of cash

it's a generic black suit from moores .. i needed it for a formal dinner

pretty expensive day .. but hillarious to hand some old man all that money in cash
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That's uncanny ... I was pretty much in the same situation
Except I need it for a job interview on Friday and a wedding on Sunday



last time I bought a suit was a couple of years ago. I needed one for that day, so I went to some store in bayview village picked one out, had the guy hem it while I went to lunch. When I came back I out it on and walked out in it.

All in all it cost me well over a grand. That was one pimp ass suit though.
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I've never paid more than $400 for an entire suit!

I only wear one, once a year. When I do, I have to buy a new one anyway.


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I love goin out to buy a new suit. It can run a good chunk of change , but a nicely fitted suit and the right accesories is just so damn fine looking .

Actually i have a couple Cambridge , Saville Row , and a Cerrutti lookin for a new home .
The thing about suits is, you need to find one that can transition from work to play.

Something elegant, yet casual.

Classy, but chic.


-Like this-


-This suit is fully transitional and classic, see?-
-Oh yes, I agree completely-

-Fuck Suits!-
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Originally posted by dj_jeffpayne
I nee to buy a casual yet professional suit. Anyone know where to go? Getting older sucks ass.


barbuti in bayview village at bayview and sheppard.
best service and they have some really nice ones at really good prices.