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I heard thee best song ever.....and i have no idea who it is


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I heard the most amazing song tonight.
Peak time progessive but more in the deep end. Unfortunately it was at a little cocktail lounge with a 5 disc cd player. They had no idea what cd it was. After 10 minutes of begging to buy all 5 cd's off them, I left.

So.........ever happen to you?


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but im crafty and eventuallly i find the song, whether it takes me a month or 6-7 years (actually did happen for one song), i find it.



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too many times, searching for songs can be a source of great frustration and joy. plus you usually end up finding a bunch of great songs in the process.

the most challenging songs to locate are from dj sets, especially house and reggae. it once took me three years to find a lover's rock dub of some song that turned out to be a huge pop hit.

currently i am fiending after a mix of danny teneglia's elements that i downloaded on to my work computer off of the napster for mac that i haven't been able to listen to since i quit the job.

i sometimes wonder if i am an avid music lover, suffer from obsessive compulsiveness or have too much time on my hands:D
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Yeah, I remember trying to 'sing' LFO's "LFO" back in the day. How does one do a big ol phat bass noise. Was that ever embarassing. Thre guy at the record store got it though. Weird.