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I haven't worked for Loblaws for almost 2 years

wayne bradbury

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A friend of mine who still works there emailed me about the harrassment he had received from the senior supervisor. The same supervisor I reported some incidents I had with a co-workers uttering threats and racists coments.
Here is part of the email he sent me. His english isn't perfect either.

"thank god steve is gone, this cocksucker tried to write me up just before
he left because someone stole my new headset from my machine, i left it in
front of the camera too, so then i ask him to look at the tape and we will
know who took my shit, he was so pissed, he didn`t realize the camera was
there, he gave a huge fit about writing me up and blablabla my fault etc.,
it seemed a bit extreeme his behaviour, then he ran to the office right
away to view the tape, he said he didn`t see anything on it, then i ask
union to view the tape with him, then he made excuses putting it off, and
then he said that the tape is broken, etc. what it comes down to is that
he took my headset and tried to fuck me for it, he did that to chris

Anyway if anyone has any suggestions on who or where to bring the attention of this to I would be grateful on his behalf and pass the info on to him.
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(well, it is 420...) I love the "Joint Council" part at the bottom.